[Magic And Steel]: A Fantasy Roleplaying Game, by Roberto Grassi

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Magic And Steel is available, in its dedicated page.

“Magic and Steel” is a “classic” roleplaying game because it takes the fundamental characteristics of the games from the eighties: clear separation between players and game GM (GM), class-based character creation, and campaign length. It expands those characteristics with new mechanisms and thoughts from the first decades of the 21st century, such as objective-focused conflict, creating a hybrid structure that will appeal to both old and new players.
In “Magic and Steel,” the players and the GM are two sides of the same coin: no participant can do without the others, because nobody is more important than anybody else. The game is always transparent and play doesn’t require a GM’s screen. The die rolls must always be open and nothing should be decided by absolute authority (unless specifically stated by the game itself).
Magic and Steel” means a lot for me. It is my homage to a way to play that enchanted me and that I will never forget. Maybe the biggest thanks should go to the authors of the Dungeons & Dragons Red Box. From the moment I opened the box my life has surely changed.

Game features:
- No GM Screen. Rolls are always open.
- Central Game Board (as tabletop games), customizable.
- Predefined (customizable) character sheets. (6 classes)
- No tables, stats, and so on...
- 2 Kinds of Die Rolls, 6 outcomes.
- Adventures have a "difficulty level"
- "Lethal" and "Non Lethal Mode" available.
- Unique characters' advancement mode
- "Campaign" play

Roberto Grassi


  • Thanks rgrassi - which Creative Commons licence will you be using?
  • HI Sanglorian.
    CC License will be:
    Attribution - Noncommercial - ShareAlike 3.0
  • I advise everyone to give a read to this game :)
    It's in the same area of Dungeon World, but it actually allows the use of classic maps and modules in a lightweight and modern story-driven framework.
    I found it very interesting and well explained.

    Except maybe in the character development part. That one imho could use a bit more explanation (at least in the Italian version of the text).
  • Thanks @Hasimir .
    The translation will be on the text "as is" in the Italian version.
    If anyone is interested in the layout of the manual. Italian version is here:
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    Rob, is their an English version? I'm not sure if you posted it via Facebook because I don't have an account. Perhaps I'm missing something...Anyway, I would like to read your game if there is an English version. Thanks :-)
  • Hi @Jeff_B_Slater .
    There will be an English version soon. Proofreading should start the next week.
  • The game has been released today.
    First post updated.
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    I love to play Errata ! The Adventurer's sheet link leads to the ranger's.
    "Safe Roll (page 32): The GM can ask for a Safe Roll if a positive outcome is not in question
    and the chance"

    As I see them, the tokens are the measure unit used for balancing : use them for this purpose and you won't have them for that other purpose. Have too much compared to the opposition and you won't level up.
    The skill 'cool down' idea may come from MMORPG. I think it will aid pacing and scene framing : when everybody needs a rest, being in a friendly environment will really matter.
    The mood is more D&D than Conan. It's light but not crunchless.
    Also some party mechanics (namely "Loyalty") could be used in a Superhero universe.

    All in all, I like the game for its levity and the modes choice. I don't know if I can find players for this kind of mood, but if I do, it should be easy to start a game.

    Keep up the good work M. Grassi !
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    Thanks. Link Fixed. :smile:
  • If any of you is interested, I've found some time to make some little fixes.
    Same page: http://www.levity-rpg.net/en/?page_id=465
    Regards, Rob
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