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I made a Playtest Template with fellow designer Nick Punt. It's built with Airtable - a super cool spreadsheet / database hybrid.

It's for tracking the playtests you ran and collecting feedback from players (through integrated forms); you can clone the template and remix it to your hearts content!

Here's the template:

And here is a blog post explaining some of the nuances:

Enjoy! And let me know if you have any feedback...



  • Looks awesome! Could you give us a quick rundown of how it's used in general? (Just an overview like "Clone the template, click 'request feedback' (receive notifications when forms are filled)..."
  • Sure thing!

    Start by clicking on the template name 'Playtest Feedback' at the top and selecting 'Duplicate Base' from the drop down.

    If you're entering in data yourself you can just do it via the spreadsheet. If you're sharing the feedback form with others:
    1) Go to the Feedback Reports tab
    2) Click on the view drop down "All Reports"
    3) Select either "Playtest Feedback (Public)" or "Playtest Feedback (Private)"
    4) Then click "Share Form" (next to the view name)

    The public form is for when you aren't present at the playtest, the private form is for your players when you are present.

    I'm happy to answer any other questions and there's more details in the blog post.

  • Cool. Thanks for the help. I'll consider using it for my next playtest! ^^
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