Aug'17 New Games Thread

I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #48, which includes every tabletop project started between 07.31 till 08.09.
This edition features a slightly varied design. Feedback is appreciated :)

This collection presents the Dungeon World project by System Matters. Which aims to bring a translation of the Powered by the Apocalypse game to Germany, offering a beautiful Deluxe edition. It’s a project I’ve been excited about, and jumped on it as soon as it went live. Next to this I did choose to include the pre-order project for My Little Pony: Tales of Equestria by Ulisses Spiele. I don’t often include pre-orders, but this one just been to cute to skip.

Next to those the English projects are as well fabulous. I did back Wicked Pacts as the combination of Urban Fantasy with „Mafia“ elements hits right up my ally. The second edition of Stars without Numbers is a bit out of my budget, but sure worth having a look up. I do recommend the Seco Creek Vigilance Committee RPG. A Western RPG following the story game principles, putting the characters into an interesting place. Fans of the Powered by the Apocalypse games should take a look at Sixty Mile Sky. An SF take on PbtA I gladly support.

You’ll find three game books, „choose your own adventure“ game, where the first two do quite impress and tempt me. The hybrids offer a fascinating take on role-playing games and you’ll find a extended crowdfunding for the „Warring States“ The Dark Eye supplement.
Oh, and there are a bunch of (imho) exceptional projects. Like dice coins or coins designed with very cool motives. Even a tabletop smoke machine! Yet, see for yourself:

German Crowdfundings

2 Role-Playing Games

English Crowdfundings

4 Role-Playing Games
3 Story Game RPGs
3 Game Books
2 Hybrid Role-Playing Games
2 Supplements
1 Campaign
4 Adventures
3 Dice Projects
3 Coin Projects
5 Dice Accessoires
3 Map & Terrain Projects
2 Role-Playing Games Aides
3 Various RPG Projects
2 Various Games


  • I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection Nr. 50, which includes every tabletop project started between 08.09 till 08.21.

    In regards of English crowdfundings, I do really love Vanagard. A story focused game, in which one assume the roles of curious, anthropomorphic animal like creatures. Second to that I took a liking to SINS, a narrative game in which one assumes the role of powerful ex-dead fighting against monstrosities on a post-apocalyptic earth.
    If you fancy over the top, satiric science fiction, just take a look at Iron Skies. Yet you might as well take a look at GROGNARD, a biography of Loren Wiseman.
    In regards of the German tabletop RPG projects I do like Protektor a lot. It is a fun approach to Urban Fantasy. Where players play rather regular people with strange animal companions being heroic, or well trying to be. Next to that „Rise of the Dungeon Master“ gets a German translation by Feder & Schwert.
    Next to those projects you’ll find aplenty of cool map projects and other interesting pages,.. just check the collection:

    German Crowdfundings

    1 Role-Playing Game
    1 Secondary Literature

    English Crowdfundings

    6 Role-Playing Game
    1 Story Game RPG
    1 Game Book
    1 Supplement
    2 Adventures
    1 Dice Project
    3 Accessoires
    2 Apps
    1 Secondary Literature
    3 Map / Terrain Projects
    3 Various RPG Projects
    1 Card Game

    Swedish Crowdfundings

    1 Adventure
  • I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection Nr. 50, which includes every tabletop project started between till 08.21 till 09.04.

    Following a brief break you’ll find two new German projects. Most notably there is HeXXen 1733 from Mirko Bader, which offers a baroque setting plagues by various monstrosities in need of protection.
    Next to that, I extended my search for active crowdfundings towards the Spanish crowdfunding platform Verkami. Which currently aims to finance the translation of Barbarians of Lemuria as well as Little Fears. The projects are currently without a preview pictures, because I haven’t figured how to get the picture link.
    As for the English projects, I am fascinated by IDENTECO coole Cyberpunk setting and flair, which has a certain nostalgic flair. Westbound on the other hand is a card based Weird West roleplaying game and Era: Belam extends the Era family with a SF game.
    You’ll find many more interesting projects, supplements, dice, accessories and more, just take a look:

    German Crowdfundings

    1 Role-Playing Game
    1 Book

    English Crowdfundings

    3 Role-Playing Games
    2 Fantasy Role-Playing Games
    1 Hybrid Role-Playing Game
    4 Supplements
    1 Adventures
    1 Dice Project
    4 Accessoires
    6 Various RPG Projects
    1 Card Game
    1 Social Deduction Game

    Spanish Crowdfundings

    3 Role-Playing Games
    1 Adventure
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