I'd love your advice on picking on a game to Kickstart

I’d like to Kickstart something later this year. My aim isn’t financial but to have a reason to publish something with higher production values and as an opportunity to do some self-promotion around my games.

I have two different games as Kickstarter candidates and would love your advice as to which one is a better fit.

Make Haste!

Over the course of this collaborative game, players draw a map and tell the story of a group adventuring across it. The group may split, individuals may leave, join, or die and their paths are etched on the map as a reminder of their journey.

The base reward would be just the rulebook with several playsets and variants. I could include sticker packs for groups that don’t want to draw features onto the map.

Good Morning Magicland

This is a quick party / roleplaying game where players build a fantasy world by putting on local access TV shows. Players rotate around the host role. The host introduces their show (e.g. Food of the Realm) and then describes their first guest (e.g. Blimburst, Barbarian Chef of the Frozen Wastes) then they point to another player to play the role of that guest. Other players can raise their hand to “call in” as an audience member. Shows last 5-10 minutes and then a new host starts a new show.

The base reward would be the rules and decks of cards with different TV show types and guests (characters). I’ve already tested a Good Morning Spaceland variant and could easily extend the game to multiple genres.


Which of these are the best fit for a Kickstarter and why? If you think neither are a good candidate, let me know!

Here are the links to the current drafts, if you're curious:

Make Haste!: https://diegeticgames.com/game_files/Make-Haste.pdf
Good Morning Magicland: https://diegeticgames.com/game_files/Good-Morning-Magicland.pdf


  • If you do the first one, you could do magnetic whiteboard packs as a tier reward! You can get magnetic dry erase whiteboards for around $2 each at Prime prices, and round magnets aren't that expensive either.

    What's your feedback been like on each? I'd go with the one people seem most excited about. For me that would be Make Haste! for sure.
  • Thanks @Tam_H - the magnetic boards are a fun reward but I'm worried that the extra logistical hassle might not be worth it. Likewise for the stackable crayons I love: http://amzn.to/2vAPUxX

    I've gotten strong feedback on both ideas. I think Good Morning Magicland has more cross-over appeal to a mainstream / party game market but folks who like storytelling games tend to favor Make Haste.
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    Hey, if you go with the boards, they're 9x12, so you could fit them in a flat envelope with the book and a sheet of magnets and a few dry erase crayons! But that's as absolutely crazy as I'd get with it.

    I'd go with the one you feel most confident about finishing up. If you look at Kevin Crawford's latest kickstarter, you can really see how he's built up his base very carefully over time. That's the model to follow, I think!
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