Playing Conspiripedia on Discord

Pssst... wanna discuss conspiracy theories?

I've created a Discord channel for playing Conspiripedia, if anyone is interested in some online, text-based storytelling. The rules for the game are here and the link to the chat channel is here.

This is very much an experiment with Discord too, so don't feel like you have to be familiar with that medium in order to play.


  • I am lazy this month (busy with summer stuff, rather - Finnish summers are insane, 12 months of living stuffed into three months). Tell me more about this interesting-sounding game, so I do not need to click the link and read it for myself. Entice me.

    (I'm an easy sell in this case, truthfully - I am fascinated by the psychology of the conspiracy phenomenon, and I rather adore the cooky narrative worlds that come out of it.)
  • Conspiripedia is best described as "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon for tin-foil-hat wearers."

    Using the Random Article feature on Wikipedia, players take turns to link a random article to the previous article using one of the following three criteria:
    - the subject of the new article seeks to destroy the subject the previous article.
    - the subject of the new article secretly controls the subject of the previous article.
    - the subject of the previous article is a hoax or fraud perpetrated by the subject of the new article.

    The same criteria cannot be used twice in succession; you must explain the nature of the link between the two subjects when taking your turn; the game continues until the players are taken away by mysterious, black-suited figures.
  • Sweet!

    Eero, if you like this kind of stuff, you might want to check out James's "Leviathan Manifesto", as well. You might think of it as this game in reverse: you ARE the conspiracy, working for the government...
  • Clearly I should!

    The game looks like good clean fun - good luck with it! I won't be getting onto Discord this summer myself, but I'm sure you'll find some players for it.
  • Would anybody care to summarize what this "Discord" thing is?
  • It's another online chat service offering both voice & text channels in parallel: you can easily create your own channels for particular interests and purposes. There is quite an amount of gaming taking place on it, of both the tabletop and electronic variety.
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