G+ Story Games, how is it different?

I guess I'm asking is there different sorts of things posted here vs there. Are there different sorts of conversations? Is there a lot of cross-posting? Is it cool to cross post or is that overkill?


  • The audiences are substantially different, and there are *many* more people over there. Like everything on social media, it's less "conversation" and more "fly-by topics". Cross-posting should be no big deal.
  • I generally find I get more thoughtful answers here.

    And the people involved are slightly different, as well.

    I by far prefer the forum format.
  • Yeah, generally I don't see a whole lot of stuff happening over there.
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    It's more "check out this shiny new thing!!!" rather than "let's talk about this theoretical concept for weeks". (My biggest problem is the interface, which requires a lot of clicks and scrolling with a mouse. With this forum, I just click the thread open and lethargically press the down button once in a while.)

    Edit: I just noticed all the posts are pretty ancient. Looks quiet to me.
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    I also hate the interface, its great for things with a nice photo attached, not so much for other things. But its more than that, the grid just feels too busy for me, and when I change the settings to have a single column, it barely fills the screen. Add to that comments are tiny in the scheme of things, they feel cramped.

    Then there's the filtering. I tried to post a custom class I made to the Monster of the week roadhouse and it had to be approved before anyone could see it, which i get is because I don't use G+ and its spam protection. But I guess I wonder what we don't see.

    The the true core of the issue is that, I guess I just don't understand what to do with the site. I mean I don't really do play by post (or over hangouts rather), I like reading some articles/thoughts/knew shiny projects, but I just feel tired after trying to read through just a little bit of it, it feels all at once too much and too little. I have read other posts about it on here and people say that it gets better the more you use it and that makes sense.

    So why do I care I guess? I mean I can come here for more in depth stuff cool, but G+ isn't going away and in terms of getting stuff out there, which I will need to do at times, no way around that, I will need to have some* presence there. I keep thinking where do I start?

    Honestly social media to me has become exhausting, and I am way more productive when I am not investing time in it. More to the point I actually do make stuff when I don't look at other peoples stuff for a while, otherwise it feels like why bother? Everyone else is humming along without you. But then you have to come back, you need to connect what your making to somebody otherwise why are you making it?

    /personal digression>
  • (Kenny_J, for what it's worth, I'm in total agreement!)
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