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I need summer reading. I have restarted my podcast, I need games to talk about. Please pitch awesome stuff on Lulu, new or old, which I should totally get for my collection.

Myself, I have published a couple of games there:

The Daughters of Verona is a Shakespearean comedy game. It was sold out, but with this crafts project edition you can assemble your own lovely copy, without having access to a color printer.

While the World Ends was illustrated by Claudia Cangini earlier this year following a crowdfunding. It has never been this pretty before.

OKULT is a small booklet which describes a horror game of great scope, set in your own hometown. Investigate a mystery as a returning adult, a mystery that evokes memories of things repressed that happened in high school.

The Academy is a game about youths at a boarding school. Play Harry Potter, play Ender's Game, play Tom Brown's School Days, play whatever, as long as it happens at a boarding school. :-)
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