May'17 New Games Thread

Since I didn't see a thread for this month...

Untold is a game system that uses Rory's Story Cubes for story telling. It looks like it has a very fun story games mind set to it.


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    KARMA is a GM-less roleplaying game about people surviving through the most harsh of circumstances. It is currently on Indiegogo and includes a copy of Beyond the Trispyre (fantasy RPG) for free with all pledges :)
  • Tall Pines is kickstarting this month. It's a surreal murder mystery in the vein of Twin Peaks. I playtested an earlier version and had a lot of fun.
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    Tall Pines is kickstarting this month. It's a surreal murder mystery in the vein of Twin Peaks. I playtested an earlier version and had a lot of fun.
    This game looks very cool :smile: I'm glad to here you had a good time playing :smile:
  • I present to you the new Crowdfunding List #39, which includes every project started between 02.05 till 22.05.

    Thanks to my attendance of the World of Darkness Berlin Event and the following vacation this list got delayed. I do hope you’ll still be able to enjoy it.
    As it contains a cool tabletop rpg all about „cat fantasy“, an interesting steampunk project, many fascinating story games and more ,…

    German Crowdfundings

    1 Role-Playing Game

    English Crowdfundings

    7 Role-Playing Games
    1 Steampunk Role-Playing Game
    4 Story Games
    5 Supplements
    3 Campaigns & Settings
    3 Adventures & Scenarios
    6 Dice & Dominos
    4 (Dice-) Containers
    4 Role-Playing Game Aides
    1 Role-Playing Game Hybrid
    6 Various Projects

    French Crowdfundings

    1 Role-Playing Game
    1 Game Book

    Spanish Crowdfundings

    1 Role-Playing Game
  • As far as I can tell from searches, a handful of people here have played Kevin Allen Jr.'s "Trouble For Hire" over the years — there are posts mentioning it going back as far as 2012 — but no one's mentioned that it's in the final days of its Kickstarter run right now.

    I'm surprised, because it sounds like it'd be right up this group's alley — it's a collaborative storytelling game where there's only one player and up to five GMs, and responsibility for playing the one character passes around the table as the game goes on. It sounds like a hoot, like it's meant to be a funny, over-the-top Mad Max style game where everyone shares equal responsibility for making it a crazy and intense experience.

    I'm not affiliated with the game or the publishers in any way, I just want to see them make their Kickstarter goal so the game actually comes out. With three days to go, they're a little under $500 short of the mark, so I wanted to bring this one to people's attention. The quickstart rules are up on the Kickstarter page if you want to know how this one runs. I'm really eager to play it!
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    I backed Trouble For Hire a while ago. It looks super impressive and unique. I definitely wouldn't describe it as Mad Max, it's premise is a much, much more interesting—gameplay wise—and original concept for a game; I don't even think Mad Max is even close to describing the game. I also wouldn't necessarily say that it is one player and five GM's, the roles are much more interesting than that. I think the more time you take to read about the game on it's Kickstarter page, the more you'll appreciate it. Take a look at the link below to get a better idea of what it's about. I think people should check it out. It is one of those games that definitely deserves backing. It only has 3 days left on its Kickstarter, so if it sounds interesting to you, take a look at it sooner rather than later :smile:

    I also think that Tall Pines looks excellent. It has been playtested extremely thoroughly for about 3 or 4 years, without any rule changes within the last year, so it should run exceptionally well. If you have a chance give both of these games a look, do so. :smile:

    Here are the links:

    Trouble For Hire:

    Tall Pines:
  • I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #40, which includes every project started between 22.05 till 31.05.

    This time around I managed to do the small writeups, I used to make. In general, the collection holds two really cool cthulhu RPG, a fresh Western game from Sweden, as well as three fascinating story games. Next to various other cool project that are quite interesting..

    English Crowdfundings

    4 Role-Playing Games
    2 Cthulhu Role-Playing Games
    3 Story Games
    1 Setting & Supplement (D&D 5E)
    1 Adventure (D&D 5E)
    1 Dice Tower
    1 Dungeon Tiles Project
    1 Podcast Project
    1 LARP Project
    1 Community Portal

    German Crowdfundings

    1 Supplement

    French Crowdfundings

    1 Setting
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