7th Sea 2e Mechanics

What do people think of the way this game resolves stuff?


  • There's a lot of mixed feelings regarding the Raise system. Personally, I think the general system itself is really smooth once your group gets the hang of it. I have some criticism, but that's mainly in the minutia and presentation than it is in the system as a whole. The two biggest issues I've run into is 1) 2e is mechanically very different from 1e, but still in a lot of ways tries to "feel" familiar, and I think 2e would have been better served by purposely using a whole new lexicon than trying to borrow from 1e's lexicon, 2) the system is much more complex than it seems with lots of bits and pieces to it in addition to the change in thinking, so I've found that there's a pretty big learning curve, that as a GM if you introduce elements over time within the first session or two the Players take to it and love it, but if you throw it at them all at once, it's a bit overwhelming. Counting Raises is too cumbersome when it comes to Villains and GM stuff, but that's easily resolved, and I'm working on a supplement for The Explorer's Society that will address that. issue.

    As an aside, the more I play the game, the more I also don't think John completely succeeded in what he says he was trying to accomplish (from a game design perspective specifically; I think the the game itself still works,) but that's a whole different conversation.

    A fun little bit of trivia: the whole "create sets of 10" idea was originally being used for John's Galaxy XXX, which is what he was working on before the Zinser (AEG) brought up the option of doing something with 7th Sea again. Instead of "Raises," they're called "Bangs," Consequences are things that happen if you choose to not roll dice instead of things you pay off with Raises, 1 Bang means you succeed in your Action and you can use any extra Bangs (Raises) to do additional things. It still emphasizes that you declare your action and then roll, but you can see in the early drafts of Galaxy XXX where it was already drifting towards the "declare intent" way of thinking about things rather than the specific "I do X." If you're curious, here's a link to the Galaxay XXX sneak peek John released as he was gearing up to do the Kickstarter for it (again before 7th Sea took over his time instead.) http://johnwickpresents.com/games/galaxy-xxx-sneak-peek/
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