[MECHANICAL ORYX Actual Play] The Hound

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Hey folks! So today they released the winners of the 200 Word RPG Contest, and among them was a game called MECHANICAL ORYX, by Grant Howitt. It looked cool, and I had an idea immediately about what I wanted to try with it, and it could be played solo, so I played it! And not only played it, but documented every single step of the story, playing the game on Twitter (and thus the text is in bite-size pieces). Then I Storified everything so it's easier to read.
Check out how the game went here!

As solo games can tend to become, I had a fun time using it as a bit of a structured writing exercise. I also got to play around inside one of my favorite novels, and the rules kept things moving in interesting directions, creating branching forks and sending me down paths I hadn't anticipated. The decision whether I was merely acting, acting with love, or acting with hate was especially interesting for me with this character.
Playing the game didn't take too long - the fact that I was trying to write out (and be a little bit eloquent, and within the character limit) as I went stretched it out a bit, but not much since the writing gave me a chance to think about my next decision. It took maybe two and a half hours, all in all?

Have you read or played the game yet? What did you think of your experience as compared to this? Also, I hope you simply enjoyed the story I told with it!

EDIT: There is also a reading of the session, if you prefer audio to text! http://vocaroo.com/i/s1UyQBrq4fxu
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