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Hi there!

How do people feel about podcast creators who create new threads for each episode? This is assuming that the vast majority of these threads go uncommented; obviously threads that engage the community are fine.

I personally feel it's a little spammy, but I'm happy to defer to whatever the prevailing mood is.

EDIT: As an addendum, just want to say that I have no animus towards any podcast creators about this.


  • Why not a single thread for each podcast? They could just post a new podcast episode in the same thread, keeping everything tight and no spam. For example, all Discern Realities episodes from The Gauntlet in the same thread, all +1 Forward episodes from The Gauntlet in another thread, etc. That would keep things nice and tidy. A thread for each episode would be way too much.
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    As a listener I've got to say that I'm pretty happy that they do so at the current rate. It's easier to find new episodes than if they were hidden in one thread— like YDMIAI who often uses very different kinds of games. For me, the current practice is useful.

    Every episode can have its own discussion for example.

    However, they tend to be very drive-by-ish. They post their link — perhaps automatically — and leave. :/

    I can easily see the slippery slope if it gets out of hand.
    Not sure!

    Edit: Kinda changed my mind since wrote the above. yukamichi has good points
  • I like to think that if someone's threads advertising their podcast (or anything else) routinely generate no discussion that they would either actively attempt to foster some, or else "get the point" (or maybe have somebody politely give it to them) and stop posting every time they release something new.

    I'm not a fan of heavy-handed moderation but I also don't really like drive-by promotion.
  • On the one hand, it's hard to learn about casts to listen to if they never mention them. On the other hand, when an account *only* exists to advertise a podcast they might as well be treated like a spambot. This is a forum for discussion and not just a signboard on the freeway to shout at you, right?

    I certainly don't mind someone who engages a lot *also* sharing their podcasts. Or someone who keeps them to one thread and self-replies to at least keep the noise ratio low.

    But, yeah, I've seen some clearly spammy promotion with a certain podcast and I seriously doubt it's improving the quality of the board.
  • I don't mind them, but I would also prefer to see them stick to a single thread.

    It's not because I want to keep the traffic down or some such thing: quite the contrary, in fact - I think that if there's a great podcast, it would be really handy to have all their episodes summarized in one easy-to-find thread.
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