Powered by the Apocalypse World, a PbtA *World game

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A roleplaying game about roleplaying games, and the people who write them.

Powered by the Apocalypse.


Man, this explains *everything*.

By Willow Palecek.


  • I thought this was just going to be a silly April Fool's joke of a game, but it's surprisingly complete. Beyond just reading it as a satire of RPG design, I think you could actually play it. Although I'm not sure what happens when your character playtests their game -- do you actually roleplay that, with Inception-like gaming within the game, complete with pretending to use the sketched-out features/mechanics of the in-game game? The mind boggles.
  • Yes, there are levels to this... wheels within wheels.

    The craziest is part is that I feel that playing it would actually be very productive.

    I started reading it, and thought, "Ha! Cute. I'll stop reading now." But, no! It just keeps getting better. Huh!
  • Wow. This is really funny. :D
  • I'm planning on running this at DexCon.
  • edited April 2017
    Y'know, I would love to play a game about creators striving in their creative endeavors. Despite its satirical element, this might be that game! I am reminded slightly of FreeMarket and Five Fires in that respect, though this is the most focused on the making of the creative thing.
  • Well played sir, well played.
  • Oh My... :D
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