Seeking Critical Thinking/Civics Game Recs.

Hi. I'm a noob so pre-mea-culpa if this is a redundant question (although I did poke around quite a bit before posting).

I'm working on a civic/community-building-style game that has a strong critical thinking component, targeted at elementary kids. I'm looking for recommendations of games -- pref. board games, although I'd love to know about any games in this zone -- that I can use as inspiration (or, if they're good enough and in the zone, hey, happy to buy instead of build! :-)

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer. I promise to post reviews of anything that I go deeply into enough to offer anything useful.



  • The Quiet Year, perhaps?
  • It sounds like any team or collaborative game could work. For board games, Escape from the Temple and Spaceteam are fully collaborative. Team games like One Night Werewolf, the Resistance, or Two Rooms and a Boom involve deduction and critical thinking. For an rpg, World of Dungeons is simple, but does require a GM/story guide.
  • All my favorites in this vein aren't remotely age-appropriate. I'll ponder...

    I have heard good things about Flatpack (PDF here), but haven't played it myself.
  • You should definitely check out the "co-operative games" Family Pastimes puts together. They're board games which easily incorporate story-telling and rely on teamwork and problem-solving. They might not have the theme you're going for, but I think they'd be an excellent research resource. Princess in particular is an awesome game.
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