Another fun little technique: having two sessions in a four-hour slot

Did that today in my monthly 2-player BW game (that is sadly wrapping up next month). It was really nice to be able to hand out some Artha (including a motherfucking Deeds point!!), get a few Beliefs rewritten, etc., and then still do a few more scenes. We didn't do the full Artha handout process a second time later--we did individual Beliefs but not group awards--but still, it worked nicely, and it's something I've done a few other times, and not just with Burning Games:

Vincent Baker did it at Burning Con with Apocalypse World in a game I was in, having I think two different times when we stopped and did Hx. Imitating him, I did it once in my Dungeon World game at Dreamation two weeks back at the midpoint, with great results.

I think the reason I like it is because, in many story games, the end of session stuff isn't just handing out XP, but rather a chance to reflect on what has happened so far, what you've learned, and so on.

Have others done anything similar? How did it work or not?


  • I've played Sami and Eero's Fables of Camelot this way, but then it was always an "open table" kind of thing at conventions: I ran multiple short sessions in a row, but players didn't necessarily stay the same - an evolving map of the realm was updated at the end of each session to tie them all together.

    Sometimes, playing Archipelago at home, we've actually done the end of session/beginning of new session stuff in the middle: Destiny Points where reached, so we wrote new ones, and those carried over to the following play encounter.

    I have a game I'm designing where I would really like a session to last just 2-3 hours, so that two can typically be played in a row... but that's hard for me to achieve. My current Everway home game is largely based on a modification of my blueprint for that game, but the session we're having are 5 hours long on average. This probably means I have to drop that particular expectation (games I design always end up taking longer than I originally intended... but then, most games I play last longer than it says in the rules as well: I guess it's a matter of local playstyle).
  • I think this makes a lot of sense, and I've always wanted to do it, but never had the opportunity. Most of my gaming is in timeslots shorter than 4 hours, anyway, and, like Rafu, I think I tend to play through things slower than many others - I like to dig into things a bit more and let them breathe.

    Are there any tips or tricks for accomplishing this?

    I'd imagine actually scheduling a formal deadline/break would help, for instance. Then you all have a target to aim for.
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    Run with only two players, both of whom are also GMs. :-)

    Fables of Camelot seems like it'd be great for this sort of thing. I only ran it once, and again with two players, though IIRC a third person jumped in towards the end.

    ETA: My first comment above, while somewhat tongue-in-cheek, actually reminds me of something else I wanted to post about...
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