Birmingham Indie Games

A Monthly Indie RPG Meeting at Geek Retreat, Birmingham (UK)

Open to all, from newcomers who want to dip their toes in, to veterans who want to share their favourite games with others.

Create & explore the history of an alien civilisation.

Solve a murder in an English Country Manor.

Be amnesiac patients recovering traumatic memories with the help of an experimental drug.

Meeting at midday on the second Sunday of every month, starting from April 9th 2017.
Join us for a range of modern story telling games that create a complete narrative in an afternoon.


  • Hi guys. I'm out of the uk until summer but based in Leicester when I get back. Would be great to meet up then :)
  • There are still plenty of games taking place at the Geek Retreat, under the guidance of Simon Burley (Squadron UK, The Comics Cod, Manifold) and Christopher Dean (I Love the Corps, Is It a Plane?!) and you can find out more about them over on the Facebook page.

    Unfortunately the B.I.G. is no longer running, as I have moved from Birmingham to London, but if you want to take up the mantle and organise it, feel free! :-D
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