On Politics And Drama

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Hey there! We've had a few threads that range farther afield from our usual topics.

I admit fault here, I probably should have shut down some behavior quicker, but let's set down some ground rules how to proceed.

1) Purely political threads get shut down. This isn't anything new to me, but let's just state it outright.
2) Threads which swerve towards being political discussions get warned and/or shut down. If the main thrust of the argument becomes about political terms or current politics, this isn't the place.
3) Internet drama and angst is not part of the environment here these days. There's lots of it. There's lots of reasons not to engage in it. The histories are contentious at best. There are people who by choice or by force are not here to respond. It rarely leads to anything productive. This doesn't change based on whether there's a good point to be made off the drama or not. Threads which veer into these will get sharp corrections.

There are lots of places for you to engage in all of this behavior. That's fine. But it's not here!

I welcome suggestions and potential modifications to this policy via PM. If you have a thread which you're not sure whether it'll run afoul, feel free to PM.

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