Has anyone played the Coriolis RPG, or the new Conan RPG?

I'm enjoying what I hear of the setting work that went into these games, but that "reading it for fun as a setting"-detail seems to all I'm hearing about the two games in terms of reviews.

Has anyone had a chance to play them, and give an opinion about their mechanics and how they play out, from a storygamer perspective?


  • I played two sessions with the Swedish Coriolis from the Kickstarter, and with premade characters.

    Dunno what to say about the mechanics. A streamlined system that works. I wasn't a bit taken with the effort they took with the spaceship battles, mostly because it feels (like all these kinda of battleship systems) like one player playing the arm, one the leg, one the brain, and one the heart.

    I'm pretty picky when it comes to systems, but this one is all right. Some good parts, and nothing to really complain about besides all the useless dice to roll. Not that dice in themselves are useless, but succeeding on only 6 on a d6 is not the best idea - even if it's fast to read the dice pool. Oh, and assisting is pretty meh.


    A short summary of the system:

    • Add an attribute (a total of 6) and a skill (~12).
    • Roll as many dice as the result. Sixes are successes.
    :: 1 success: barely makes it
    :: 2 successes: makes it
    :: 3 successes: makes it reaaal good
    • Can re-roll all non-sixes if praying to an icon (god), or activating special ability.
    :: if re-rolling, the game master gets a token to use to mess with the characters.
    • Can assist someone else by rolling dice. All sixes are turned into dice.
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