Spaghetti ConJunction: Birmingham, UK, February 11th 2017

Simon Burley, James Mullen and Pookie are thrilled to announce:

Spaghetti ConJunction

A one day convention devoted to Tabletop Roleplaying Games right in centre of Birmingham.

Saturday February 11th 2017.

Hosted at Geek Retreat, Priory Queensway, Birmingham.

Put it in your diary today. It's going to be an awesome day of RPG goodness. Find out more at our Facebook or G+ communities.


  • Some of the games that are being offered on the day:

    The Wounded Wisp

    A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–2. More than 400 years have transpired since the Pathfinder Society began in a humble tavern that has quietly weathered the centuries without incident. When a routine errand there uncovers a clue left behind by one of the founding Pathfinders, it’s up to the Players to solve a puzzle whose pieces are scattered across Absalom—and whose prize dates back to the Society’s darkest years. "The Wounded Wisp" is an evergreen, re-playable scenario designed to help introduce players to the history of the Pathfinder Society and Absalom’s greatest sites.

    GM: William Cheung
    System: Pathfinder (Society Organised Play)
    Players: 3-6 (can stretch to 7)
    Slots: Morning and Afternoon

    Kong Island Rangers

    You know the score. There’s this mysterious island somewhere out in the ocean and your film crew/explorers/special ops team has decided to investigate. This will be a totally new Giant Monster/Anime mashup.

    Pre-generated characters are available, but – ideally – you’ll create brand new, island-exploring, characters as part of the game. It doesn’t take very long and is great fun. Fay Wray, Jack Black, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson or someone from your own imagination. The world’s your oyster! (Probably a giant man-eating oyster.)

    GM: Simon Burley
    System: THE CODE OF SHŌJO AND SHŌNEN. My own lightweight Anime rules. Just 2d6, easy to play. But when you roll doubles, truly magical things start to happen.
    Players: 2-6
    Slot: Afternoon

    The Great Martian Tripod Race

    Franklin is the first human competitor in tripod racing history, but his team has hit a few problems. His corporate sponsor is tied up in a hostile takeover bid, so the money has dried up. The Martian tripod racing clan is out to stop him, to keep tripod racing for Martians only. Who knows what dark deeds they will resort to? As the members of Franklin’s race team, can you overcome all obstacles and get him to the starting line?

    A game of Scientific Romance and Steampunk adventure, set on the Victorian colony of Mars. Pregenerated characters are available but – ideally – you’ll make you own on the day. It’s quick and easy and massive fun!

    GM: Simon Burley, scenario by Simon Pickett
    System: The Code of Steam and Steel.
    Players: 2-6
    Slot: Morning

    28 Trains Later

    You are passengers on a steam train. The game begins as you awaken after the carriage has mysteriously overturned. Once you escape the carriage, what you do from there is up to you... find a safe place or escape the island? Either way... death is coming for you. And not in the form you’d expect. This is a survival comedy/horror. Though it should be hilarious, it will also be incredibly gross.Notes: This particular game is not for the faint of heart, and will be excessively brutal and gory. Mature (18+) gamers only.

    GM: Christopher Dean
    System: I Love the Corps: a cinematic sci-fi action/horror. Uses a versatile 1D6 system.
    Players: Between 2 and 6.
    Slot: Afternoon

    Pandora's Box

    Prepare yourselves for a psychological sci-fi thriller. It is 2450, and you are the Unstoppables, infantry veterans and propaganda darlings of the Corps. You committed a heroic action that helped win the Minos Campaign, and are doubly renowned as every squad member survived three years of one of the deadliest campaigns. The game opens as you awaken from stasis after being sent off to fight in another campaign. You are being urged by marines to evacuate after an attack on their base, and the story propels from there. But where the hell are the lab techs that would normally wake you and check you out and why is the lab door blasted down? Only one way to find out!

    GM: Christopher Dean
    System: I Love the Corps – a cinematic sci-fi action/horror, where each player is a marine. Uses a versatile 1D6 system.
    Players: between 2 and 6.
    Slot: Morning
  • Time to throw my hat into the ring, nail my colours to the mast, etc, by offering a couple of games I'd like to run. Note that these are provisional and depend on demand on the day, plus I may need to attend to convention matters at any time.

    Perfect World
    July 3rd, 1952 and the warm summer night over Hoover Hills is disturbed when a strange green light is seen to descend to Earth... Dismissed by the authorities as a stray firework, only a plucky & rebellious band of teenagers believe it is something more sinister. Can they overcome their differences to fight off an alien invasion of their town? And is that even the worst they have to fa#e?

    GM: James Mullen
    System: Dead of Night
    Tags: Sci-Fi, Horror, Monster Movie, Unreliable Narrative
    Players: 3-6
    Slot: Morning

    The Score
    "Smiling" Seth Waterman has a plan: with his older brother to provide muscle and a couple of mates he owes favours to helping out, he's going to stick up a security van loaded with cash. All he needs to do is plan the perfect heist and nothing will go wrong...

    GM: James Mullen
    System: The 'Hood (PbtA)
    Players: 3 or 4
    Slot: Afternoon
  • I've attended loads of game conventions but Spaghetti ConJunction is the first one I've been involved in organising.

    It wouldn't have happened without four very important people. James Mullen and Pookie were my co-organisers and I wouldn't have had the balls to take the plunge without them there to share the risk, responsibility and workload. Andy Hopwood who jumped in as minister without portfolio, offering his advice and support based on his own experiences of running events. And Sam, the guy who's opened and runs Geek Retreat in Birmingham. The perfect location for the event.

    And, of course, the wonderful guys at Concrete Cow whose ideas and organisation we ripped off for all it was worth.

    I had a bit of a ropey start. I said I'd get "Tombola Tickets" for the sign ups, but they were delayed in the post. So we had to use raffle tickets instead. I also said I'd bring a cash box, but I couldn't find the keys. So my Saturday morning was spent waiting for a shop to open where I could get a last minute replacement.

    Then, of course, I fretted and fussed. Would we get enough people? Would there be too many? Not enough games offered? Too many? Would everyone find the place on time and would we get started according to our ambitious timescale?

    As it turned out, I needn't have worried. Everything went smoothly. About 40 people turned up - a nice number for the space and for a first event. There were loads of games and several didn't run in the morning. But all the prospective GM's seemed happy to play instead.

    I had six players for my morning game, Martin Pickett's wonderful "The Great Martian Tripod Race". The players chose to go the "Scientific Romance" route with paranormal elements, so it was very in the vein of "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen".

    The characters were:

    James Coldfield - the werewolf mechanic.
    Bradley Hyde - a hunter who used his difference engine to plot the routes of his prey
    Luke "the antithesis" Cooper - a silver tongued campaigner for the rights of Humanity.
    Noah Carlisle - a "trader" (thief) with the ability to adopt a ghostlike form
    Zaccariah Zoddoff - a gentleman, and leader of the team


    Rodney of Mars - a Martian outcast, shunned for his unnatural telekinetic abilities and raised by humans (currently acting as Zaccariah's bodyguard.)

    From the very first scene, this was an absolute hoot. Highlights included the hunter staging a fake pursuit of the werewolf to cover the thief's robbery of crucial tripod parts from their Martian rivals. A hunt that rapidly degenerated into a pitched battle between the Human and Martian teams - sparking a diplomatic incident which nearly precipitated a war. Rodney telekinetically debagging the 80 year old swords mistress who was carving him up, in order to buy time for him and his comrades to escape. Zaccariah being tricked into marriage as he was forced to indecourously and publicly grope an ambitious young gold-digger in order to retrieve an important document secreted about her person. Rodney TKing the human mech around the course. This was first time that the scenario ended with a marriage taking place beneath the triumphant tripod. Great players, great fun.

    Eating lunch during the first game meant that the break between games was a relaxed affair. Given the number of players vs. games I decided to scrap my afternoon game offer. I went around chatting and most people seems to want a repeat event, many in less than a year. We pulled the raffle after half an hour. There were loads and loads of good prizes. I'll let you into a secret - I'm not a huge fan of raffles at conventions. I was determined that ours wouldn't drag on and managed to bang through over 20 draws in well under ten minutes.

    Afternoon sign ups went well and I was pleased to see two referees who'd missed out in the morning getting a full table of players in the afternoon. Also pleasing was her number of people arriving partway through, just for an afternoon game.

    I signed up for Chris Dean's "I love the Corps" game. We've been circling and supporting each other at conventions for a couple of years now and it was nice to see one of his games through to the end. (I pass my character over to a newly arrived player and tootle off to start a game of my own at the introductory events we tend to go to.) Immensely detailed and well thought out, the game was a bit combat heavy for my current tastes up front but really took off when Chris pulled his neat "twist". I'm not going to reveal it but it was a good one. Chris is a high octane, high action entertainment kind of GM rather than a laid back facilitator and I can see why his games are so popular.

    At the end there was bugger all tidying up to do because it was a games cafe and the staff did it all.

    So, thoughts on Spaghetti ConJunction. I'd say it was a nice "games day" event rather than a full blown convention. But well worth doing and, if everyone stays on board, well worth doing again. Watch this space.
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