Japanese plastic books

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I have a number of Japanese books with plastic covers (stiched inside). Am I crazy or did TSR put out those green historical books bound like this?

It seems like a good format for a book expected to be used a lot. Does anybody know anything about it? Why don't we see more of it outside Japan?


  • All of the AD&D2 splatbooks used a high-gloss colored cardstock that sort of looks like plastic. But they did put out multi-volume Spell and Magic Items compendia near the end of that system's lifespan with odd plastic covers. These were later republished with conventional covers, presumably because few customers were interested in the increased price tag this format brought.
  • I was gonna post this over here, but it occurred to me that it wouldn't be especially helpful to say, "I don't think that most good games need reference volumes for their rules."

    I have seen the plastic-cover format used occasionally for real works of reference, i.e. copies of The Art of War, and for artifact effect in novels, but in extreme seriousness, I point you to my unhelpful remark above. If you're using your book as a reference so frequently it breaks down, that breakdown is a symptom of a deeper problem.

  • You're no doubt right, shreyas. I was just curious (also I rather like the plastic).
  • I do too, it's got a pleasant feeling in the hand. For artifact impact, I think it's a pretty cool thing.

  • So is it very expensive? They seem to pump those things out in Japan.
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