Story Gamers in Bay Area Penninsula?

I've had a very difficult time finding any story gamers down here. There are a few that play in Oakland but it's a bit too far for me.

I'd be willing to learn/play nearly any game that people talk about here.


  • I live in San Jose, but I'm about to move to Alameda, right next door to Oakland. I'm not aware of any Peninsula/south-bay story-gaming groups (which doesn't mean they don't exist; I haven't actively looked for a while.)
  • Where in Oakland? I live in Berkeley and go to a lot of board game designer events but I'd love some story-game specific activities to join as well.
  • Snej, how would you go about finding a group? I've scowered the meetups and discussion boards of local shops.
  • Where are you at? There is an occasional Saturday group on the Peninsula (Redwood City area) that I've just started going to.
  • Isn't there an occasional (yearly? twice a year?) story-game event at GameKastle in Santa Clara? Do you remember, @jhkim?
  • Hey jhkim,

    I live in Mountain View, right in that area.

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