Swords Without Master Without Overplayer?

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So I'm trying to figure out a way to wrangle SwM into a playable GMless form. My first thought was to just take turns as Overplayer for rolling overtone, choosing the phase, setting the scene, letting peal the thunder, and then while one player is holding the dice after the first pass, the player to their left takes on the Overplayer duties, such as Bringing the Storm during the Perilous Phase. If you pass the dice to another player, it counts as passing to a fellow rogue, so to pass dice to the Overplayer you have to SLAM (or gently place) them down on the table.

I think you wouldn't pass your turn as Overplayer after a Discovery Phase, and would instead use the discoveries to inform your next phase, however you would after a Perilous or Rogues phase.

I haven't playtested this, so I'm unsure how well it would work. I was wondering if anyone here had similar, or different, thoughts, or knew of a more fully realised version of GMless SwM.


  • The problem is that when you're acting as the Overplayer there's no conversation to be had about how your character is struggling/slipping. There's no guide for when the player with the dice to say "I've had enough" and hand it over to you-the-player (and not to mention it is not fun to simply regurgigate your own prompts).
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