[Minis-'Steining +] Things to do in Innnsmouth when you're a Deep One Hybrid?

Help me brainstorm folks.

I'm sure some of you have read my various [Minis+] threads talking about a narr-ish approach to minis scenarios. About Braunsteins and trying to hack out more freeform-y, less wargame-y variations.


Now I'd like your brainpower for a bit, in coming up with story starters, bits of plot ideas, motivations, and so on for a playset/universe/ toy collection I've been putting together.

Assume that rules-wise/mechanic-wise I have access to either something like Archipelago ( or a variation) or Mythic GM Emulator, or some other high participant input, not-very-phys-sim thingie as the engine. Or that I can throw something together.

What does the physical toy collection consist of?

Just assume I have enough ( or can rapidly build enough) terrain to cover a 5' x 6' table, either 2D ( using Heroic Map's Wardenhale collection or 3D ( using Stoelzels' Structures), along with the usual combo of junk minis gamers tend to have around the house.

The People in your Neighbrhood:
The Hybrids from the Blind Beggar miniatures Secret of Innsmouth Act 2 KS that just ended, plus some Deep Ones and Hybrids from other companies, like RAFM.

Other Junk:
Various cars and boats are available, plus civilians from periods form the 1920s to present. Heck, there are even some Meddling Kids and their Great Dane, in a hippy van, available if need be.

And, naturally, various bigger Cthulhoid nasties are available as well.

I will be trying to stay away from gun-bunnies and soldier-y types, by preference.
Gangsters and investigators are okay...maybe. The focus is supposed to be on the Deep Ones though.

So that's the physical stuff I have to work with.

What I want from you kind folks is the fiction stuff that ties it all together and creates set ups and possible events to use with that stuff.

Assume it's a small group playgroup of 2-5 players, but that mechanics are not character monogamous at all.


  • Well what I found most gripping about the Innsmouth story was the intrigue of the town and its denizens, so I would suggest maybe having 1 player work out some scenes and backstory with the citizens, and then introduce the more human like characters thrown into this alien world.

    I always find it helpful to write a list of 3-5 conflicts that will happen in the story, with an escalation timeline and associated cast for each.

    For instance, a bride gets cold feet - winds up at Innsmouth, the groom comes looking for her. Theres one conflict. It's easier to build a story game around conflicts or goals than it is pre-sketched events.

    Another cool thing you could do is flip some of the themes of the original story on their heads. Lovecraft had a very xenophobic vibe, but what if the story with the deep ones was about the fear the citizens had of humans from the outside world - humans are the real monsters yada yada yada, and they're trying to preserve the town
  • Those are exactly the sorts of ideas I was hoping for.

    Yeah, I'd flip a lot of the original story on its head, or at least play around with the concept a bit.
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