My elation turns to cries of Fffffffuuuuuucckkkk!

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So I'm home for the holidays at my parents in SoCal, and one of the neat things that happens is that I get to catch up on all the hippy games I have shipped here through the year because shipping to Canada or India is a bitch.

In consumerist glee I run my fingers over my new copies of Shooting the Moon, Shock!, Spirit of the Century (softcover, so no membership card for me, alas), OrcWorld (oldskewl!), Prince Valient (even more oldskewl), and Heroes Banner. Then I come to the one I may be most excited about of all, the game I have been wanting to play weekly for like 5 months and now is in my hands... Agon!

But, but... the pigfuckers at the post office damaged the package in shipment. I'm left weeping as my heroic game is crushed before my eyes, its spine shattered, its cover ripped, its broken body carried back on its own shield. Alas! Alas for Agon whom I hardly knew.

So, when has the wonders of the mail turned your gaming dreams into sobs and cries of fury? When has the Mede at the post office rampaged and burnt your beloved RPG acropolis?


  • Postal karma.

    Call the noble mailmen "pigfuckers", get confetti for Xmas.
  • If I had any artistic talent, I'd whip up a spoof of the Pieta with Brand cradling the broken form of Agon in his arms.

    Of things I've gotten mangled in the mail, game stuff has been safe. I did have an unscrupulous online vendor give me a very flimsy story about how the mailing address on my package got smudged by USPS conveyor belts, so that's why I hadn't seen my book yet.
  • ):

    We will remember you[r Agon] in our prayers.

  • Question: If you've received damaged products, how were they shipped? I've been putting copies of Perfect into bubble-mailers when I've done my own fulfillment, and I wonder if that is safe enough or not.
  • Hey! What about the noble Pigfuckers who are now reduced to comparison with lowly mailmen??!
  • There's a scene in Serial Mom where a character is dragged out of the courtroom yelling "You Lousy Pigfucker!" I saw John Waters on the street one day and called that at him-- and scared the living shit out of him for a second; until he realized I was quoting him.
  • I dunno, man - I think you were duped somehow. A real copy of Agon wouldn't have gone down so easily. There would at least be an honor guard of dead postal workers in ring around it, three or four deep.
  • Somewhere in rural Norway, there's a post office that loves Under the Bed so much, they decided to keep three copies. I picture them in the long Nordic nights, still in their postal uniforms, rolling dice and pretending to be scheming teddy bears.

    Curly, that's pretty funny.

  • Days of Wonder shipped me a Battlelore with a smashed bottom corner on the box - the surrounding box it was mailed in was fine, though.
  • Well, once I bought online Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri/Alien Crossfire. When I picked it up at the PO, the boxes were in bad condition. So much, that a friend who went with me just said "Man, they kicked the box all the way 'till it got here!"

    Luckyly, the CDs were in perfect shape.
  • Burning Empires.

    My copy arrived with a massive dent at the bottom of the spine, blemishing what is otherwise one of the most beautiful RPG books ever created by man. Since it was the post office's fault, there was nothing Luke could really do, and I was not about to try and get the US Post Office to pay for damages.

    Note to publishers: you have to package your products so that THEY DO NOT MOVE INSIDE THE BOX. Ideally, do what Amazon does: wrap the book to a piece of cardboard that is LARGER than the book itself and roughly the size of the bottom of the box.
  • Brand,

    Agon cannot be defeated. Where one falls, another rises to take its place on the line.

    Send me your address and all wrongs will be made right.
  • Joe,

    This time Agon was packed in a nicely fitting cardbord box, with bubblewrap. It looks, however, like the box was folded in half -- possibly being smashed into a corner by a very heavy box and bent right up into an L shape. Hero's Banner was lengthwise in the box and so just got creased down the middle. Agon, which had obviously stepped forward to contend with courage and strength, had its spnie broken when it took up a position width-wise in the box.

    So it isn't Lulu's fault, and probably not even any individual postalworker's fault. It really looks like the kind of damage caused by an automated belt somewhere.
  • John is awesome.
  • John is awesome. Without doubt.

    So are many other folks who've wispered to me that they'd send me their copies. Story games is not full of shitty people. Its full of generous people.
  • Posted By: Joshua A.C. NewmanSomewhere in rural Norway, there's a post office that loves Under the Bed so much, they decided to keep three copies. I picture them in the long Nordic nights, still in their postal uniforms, rolling dice and pretending to be scheming teddy bears.Curly, that's pretty funny.
    I can only hope that some post office guy between Indie Press Revolution and me has fun with Lacuna and Shock. In a way, that feels a bit better then imagining that it just got thrown away, crushed in a machine or whatever.

    Oh, well, I'm sure this time it will work.

  • Brand,

    You could have mine. If I had a copy. Why is it I don't have a copy? Because I'm stupid and having gone and ordered one yet. But there is hope on the horizon. Christmas bonuses are coming! Woot! Agon will be mine.
  • I mailed my one and only copy of Metamorphosis Alpha (The original)[near mint then] to a friend years and years ago
    It never arrived
  • I never got those copies of Under the Bed, and there was a loooooong wait for my pre-order of Burning Wheel revised.

    It actually didn't show up until Luke being a great guy sent me two new copies to replace the ones that where apparently lost.

    So suddenly I had four.

    And then I got to convert a few more players, so it worked out for me and helped spread the fire.

    I guess that must be why the beardy little post people kept Under the Bed x 3. Karma.
  • The post office injured not one, but TWO different copies of Nobilis for me. I just gave up and kept the second one, though Hogshead were nice enough replace the first.
  • A friend of mine ordered Deluxe Hero Wars when it came out in 2000. It apparently got lost in the post, so Issaries sent him another. Then the first one arrived as well. So I got a free copy of Deluxe HW, which led me to the Forge, which led me here. It's a funny old world.
  • This stuff is what's made me generally fairly happy with Lulu's packaging... it takes trauma on the order of what Brand reports (a big heavy box folding very sturdy cardboard in half) to really damage the product. Which isn't to say there isn't the occasional gouged hole and roughed up book ... it's just that I dig those cardboard enfoldments that they wrap around the individual books I order from them. Very confidence-giving. Plus, Lulu customer service is very on the ball and very friendly; I've not ever had troubles getting no-cost replacements of products that got damaged during shipping when it's demonstrably not my fault.

    Which is not to say that my heart does not weep godsblood at Brand's broken Agon.
  • As a note in favor of the awesome of Lulu, I have another copy of Agon on the way. They finished my customer service complaint on the 23rd of December, a Saturday just before Christmas. How is that for awesome?

    Now if the Fates are kind it shall arive before I leave for the fronzen lands to the far north.
  • Deliverable- if not postal-related: I ordered my first copy of TSOY apparently before Clinton had seen the 2nd ed proofs, because all the apostrophes were printed as Fs, all the ligatures were printed as apostrophes, all the quotes were hyphens and all the colons were random combinations of letters. It was an adventurous read. Fortunately, Doyce got me a blemish-free copy for SG Santa this year.
  • Wait, Kaare, you didn't get the fourth or fifth or whatever it was of UtB?

    Maybe I should send it in a great big box or something.

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