Era: Silence - Something a little different...

Era: Silence is a new game from the guys at Shades of Vengeance, and it's on Kickstarter right now.

Digital Version: £3
Physical Version: £10


It's a High Fantasy Tabletop RPG running on the Era d10 Rule Set.

In this game, you visit the mystical Isle of Silence to earn your True Name. On the Isle, you cannot speak, but you must still work together as a team, leading to wild hand gestures and a really interesting experience!

Earning your name takes the form of Challenges, one for each letter of the alphabet. Once you earn your name, you are able to return home. If you fail, however, you are trapped on the Isle for ever! Each letter also brings with it a new Ability, making you more powerful as you work your way through the Challenges.

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