New Gods for an Old Town

New Gods for an Old Town is my taster playset for Just Heroes (a superheroic hack of Apocalypse World), having been thoroughly playtested at Concrete Cow & Games Expo, it is now available on DriveThruRPG at the suggested price of £1.00, or whatever you think it is worth. The download incudes:

New Gods for an Old Town: a brief version of the rules, containing all the Basic & Peripheral moves for Just Heroes, plus leading questions to ask the PCs and tips on weaving a story from their contributions; this is in both print & digital format.

Dr. Dusk: A PC playbook for a tortured defender of the street, using stealth as his weapon.

Lady Smoke: A PC playbook for an other-dimensional princess searching our world for her lost treasures but still living a life of privilege amongst us.

Steel Spring: A PC playbook for an urban warrior whose super-suit gives her greatly enhanced speed & agility.

The Snowdrop: A PC playbook for a fun-loving guy cursed with a cold heart, who uses his icy powers to freeze crime in it's tracks.
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