advice book for gmless play

I took it upon myself to write a guidebook of advice for people struggling with GMless play concepts and also help people who get it, but need more advice. If you do read it and see something I missed or failed to address, please let me know. I will be happy to make changes.


  • Seems like a great idea.

    However, for what it's worth, the Drivethru "preview" is far too low-resolution to actually see any of the contents.
  • that is unfortunate
  • As luck would have it, my brother and I just finished talking about principles for GMless play on Virtual Play, our actual play podcast. Check it out here! In a nutshell, we think it comes down to techniques for getting everyone in the same shared imaginary space, and making sure everyone understands how the game channels your intentions and efforts.
  • i wish i'd talked about that in the book. mostly it's advice on how everyone shares responsibility. and what pitfalls to avoid. don't think of it like a mission-based trad game. etc.
  • you should have asked me on the show. i would have loved to be part of that.
  • Man, had we known! Your book looks great, though. I'm skimming through it now. I think the themes are similar. "Listen"--everyone is responsible to identify flags thrown up by other players. You write, "know what you are getting into" while we characterize it as "know what the game expects of you". And, especially in the case of "With Great Power," the game we use as the lens for GMless gaming, the idea of qualitative versus quantitative resolution is in both the primer and the podcast. Perhaps we'll have a follow-up using your Protocol game system. We're big fans of using playing cards for character and scene inspiration.
  • awesome. well. if you think something is missing from my document, let me know. i'll happily update it. and feel free to call me up anytime for a chat on your podcast.
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