Private Messaging Error

I just sent a private message to someone else on this forum and after hitting the 'Add Comment' button, I could not only see my message but a previous message that a different user had sent to the same person. I took a screenshot of it if that helps, though obviously I can't post that here without breaching other user's privacy.


  • Oh, at first I thought this was another nano game idea!
  • When I click on "James_Mullen", I go to a page that displays your name, a bit of user info, and, directly to the right of that, a "Message" button. That's all we need, and that's the button you needed to use.

    Unfortunately, this version of Vanilla forum software includes a big comment box under that, with an Add Comment button, a feature that's totally unnecessary for Story Games and often gets confused with messaging. Just try to ignore it in the future. :(
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