another ****ing kickstarter



I hate writing spam. And you hate reading spam.

So let's not kid ourselves with long overly pleasant and boring posts.

We both know the real score. I want to finish this ****ing game and you want to give me money to do that. That's all this is. A transaction. I'm not your friend. I'm not your buddy. Or your pal.

I'm the ****ing writer and you're the fleshbag with a credit card.

So. Spread the word to your friends and no one gets hurt.

Or don't. And find some other tribe to live in.

Got it, punk?


  • "I'm not your buddy, guy!"
    "I'm not your guy, friend!"

    Best of luck Jim :)
  • i'm not your son
  • You're Buddy Guy?!? Damn I had no idea, that's amazing!
  • good job, sporto
  • A game about survival and community in a post-apocalyptic future?

    Now that's gutsy.

    Where can we find out more about the meat-and-bones of the game?
  • i'm going to do an update tomorrow on the page about how the dice and results work. but the dice aren't the meat. they are the bones. the meat is the result charts that inspire dramatic results in a way i've not seen before. i hope. i think. anyway. i'll be sure to post a link here tomorrow.
  • Wait, you're not my Dad? But..but... Waaah!!
  • the KS just hit $5000

    i'll be updating how the rules work tomorrow on the page

    mostly, i'm just posting that i'm a little surprised at how well it's doing
  • Hey, this looks cool... but I still have no real idea of what gameplay is like. The cards are a good hint, but the description of the mechanics just tells me that there are tables we roll on. Is that all there is to it? What makes it cool?
  • What makes it cool?

    Um. Let's see. How do I qualify this?

    The best part of GMless is play is the FOIL rule. The player to your left is your foil. They interpret all the bad things that happen to you. They spend drama points to make your life worse. The drama that unfolds in the community has lasting results. Fear and trepidation make the community harder to keep together and lead (respectively). Some of the character sheet formating borrows from modern designs with all these cool check boxes, but everything you need is on the sheet.

    If you're a soldier, your soldier charts are right there. And even though you have a fight chart, you fight chart looks nothing like the other guys fight chart.

    Everything in there belongs there. You keep track of the community's fear. When it reaches 6, bad things start to happen. Cause and effect is huge in this game. It feels like you are barely keeping the community together.

    It is not quiet year. It is not AW. This is a game mechanic I made two years ago and it's only gotten better over time. The first edition PDF is $4 on DTRPG right now, if you're interested. But that version is half the game this is.

    I don't know what else to say without being self-indulgent.

    Fk. This was already self-indulgent.

    In short: fixing the community matters and leading the community matters. But you'll have a hard time doing both. And everything you do has unintended consequences.
  • That's helpful, thanks!
  • Like any modern game, you only roll dice when you want to. You decide when it's time to ruin your character's life. /snark
  • Ouch, 50$ for international shipping is waaay to steep for me. Looks interesting though.
  • $50 for shipping? where are you seeing that?
  • I just backed this today. Looks really good, plus reading the KS page was a funny experience into itself. XD
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