[Era: Lyres] Gameplay!

edited February 2016 in Actual Play
Hi everyone!

This is some gameplay from my latest game, Era: Lyres!

This game is about not being an adventurer - in fact, you would never make it as one! Instead, you see adventurers come back and just claim they killed a dragon, get showered with gold, glory, everything you ever wanted.

So you go out, buy a sword, barge into a tavern and tell everyone you just slew a pesky Manticore out in the wild lands!

It's a little like Munchausen, but a team game - the players work together to tell a story!

If you're interested, you can get the game from the Kickstarter for £1!

We're adding content to the website for every Stretch Goal we meet! at http://eralyres.shadesofvengeance.com, we're putting up a Bestiary and Locations page for every £100 we bring in for the project!

Anyway, questions welcome!
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