My New Year Resolution: More Play, Less Design

edited January 2016 in Story Games
We're still in January 2016, so here is an RPG related New Year's Resolution:
This year, I actually want to spend more time playing roleplaying games I enjoy. I want to focus more on inspiring settings I'd love to play - without being too judgemental about the underlying system.

Last year 2015, I've spent way more time designing games and hacking them than actually really playing. When looking at a new game, I started dissecting (and harvesting) the underlying mechanics before I even had a chance to appreciate the full game. Before giving a new game a chance, I'd already started hacking it in my head to improve it.
Often, I've ignored entire settings and adventures as mere "fluff", focusing only on the skeleton of the system. And there is so much stuff I've developed, that has never been played...

So, this year 2016, I want to resist the tempation of analyzing every new game mechanic I see. Instead, I want to focus on games and settings I'm actually excited to play.
Oh, I've also started to like play-by-post, so I want to go deeper into that.
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