Play Dead

I'm starting this year by publishing four short games under the umbrella title of Play Dead and the first of these is now available:

101 Zombies!
The dead have arisen to feast upon the living... again. You and your team have been dispatched to the site of a major zombie outbreak with instructions to contain and eliminate the threat. Using your brute strength, agility and ingenuity, see if you can score the most zombie kills without becoming their lunch!

This is a friendly-but-competitive, GM-less, rules-lite RPG which starts when you roll 101d6 to represent the 101 Zombies that must be destroyed before they overrun the site and force the PCs to retreat or die. This edition includes an additional chapter of optional content for the game, covering special zombies types, character talents and mission goals. Both digital and print format pdfs are included in the package.


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    Have played it, it's a fun game. Low-prep knockabout stuff.
  • Couldn't resist after reading the preview. These rules are very cute.
  • It does look like fun! The preview contains more than enough to tell you how the game works, and it's clearly doing its job. Well done!
  • The second Play Dead game is available now:

    The Tomb of the ancient Pharaoh's has been unearthed and your team of explorers is one of the first to delve into it, looking for the buried glories of the past... but human greed taints the expedition and, ultimatley, only one of you will emerge victorious!

    A quick & dirty dice game with strong role-playing elements, you take on the role of one of a party of explorers seeking the Treasure of the Pharaohs’ in a newly discovered tomb. As well as an explorer, however, you also take on the role of the traps & guardians that the player on your left must face as they plunge deeper into the unknown.
  • Here's the third Play Dead game:

    Mystery of Life
    In the celestial justice system, the people are represented
    by two separate yet equally important groups:
    the angels & demons who investigate self-inflicted deaths,
    and the Eternals, who prosecute the deceased.

    These are their stories.

    This is a game for exactly four players, split into two phases:

    Phase 1: An angel & demon investigate a death, collecting evidence as to whether the deceased's soul is destined for heaven & hell.
    Phase 2: The evidence is brought before the court, with historical figures arguing for the soul's ultimate destiny.

    Warning: As this game uses black humour to deal with death, mortality, self-inflicted harm and the issue of good & evil, it may not be suitable for all players and is recommended for a mature audience.
  • What a catchy premise! Will read.
  • The fourth & final (well, probably... for now, anyway) Play Dead game is now available for purchase!

    Welcome to the Sawmill. You are all here because you have squandered your lives; now you will learn the true value of every breath you take. The cylinder in this room contains a toxic gas; when the clock reaches zero, the gas will be released and you will all die.

    If you wish to prevent this, you must disable the countdown by turning keys in the two boxes you see before you. Both keys must be turned at the same time or the gas will be released; any attempt to tamper with any part of the mechanism will also release the gas.

    A number of keys have been placed throughout this building; you are free to look for them, but in order to claim a key, one of you will have to undergo a trial. The question is, are you prepared to risk your life in order to save it? Or would you rather trust the strangers you are with to save it for you?

    This is a rules-light storygame for 4-8 players and does not require a GM: in a short space of time, you'll discover who your character is by creating them as you play are but you'll also have to figure out who you can trust amongst the other characters...

    There is also a bonus game using the same rules, that enables you to play short, dark comedy-dramas about eccentric characters who share mysterious connections...
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