Monster Force Terra

Monster Force Terra is a light storygame using the Apocalypse World Engine to tales of giant monsters who terrorize the Earth but also just happen to save the human race from an even worse threat in the process!

You take on the roles of the kaiju in this game, going about your own business of seeking food, shelter and a mate, when disaster strikes! In getting back to the normal order of your lives, you inadvertently find yourselves becoming the heroes, though you may never be aware of what you've done. Play your monster as a pawn in the story, using them to achieve the goals that you want, by using them to stomp, steal or investigate the story's obstacles.

The download includes twelve different monster playsheets:

The Avian: a giant flying creature.
The Bug: a giant insect.
The Critter: a giant mammal.
The Crustacean: a giant crab or lobster.
The Digger: a giant burrower.
The Glob: a giant mess.
The Lizard: a giant scaly creature.
The Mech: a giant robot.
The Plant: a giant vegetable.
The Simian: a giant ape-like creature.
The Swarm: a giant colony life-form.
The Unspeakable: a giant horror.

There are also two other files:

Monster Force Terra: the core rule booklet, a mere 10 pages long, including tips for the MC on running the game.
Reference Sheet: print this on the back of the playsheets.
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