Unknown Armies 3: let's talk about it

I apologize if there is a thread about it already. I coudlnt find it.

So, according to some RPGnet posts it seems the kickstarter for third edition is on its way, and the book will be out on 2016. The info we have now is sparse:
- Madness metters revised and renamed "Shock Gauges"
- stats gone; now skills are derived directly from Shock Gauges
- GM advice will be more focused

Thats it. Thoughts ? Expectations ? Wishes ?


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    Ok, from my part I would like to see 2 things:

    A bigger Focus, both from a mechanical and from a "what to do in play" standpoint. Ditch the separate levels of play altogether (street, global and cosmic) and have just one: street. Make the game premise simpler to grok. "Its a game about mages in modern cities". Then reveal the twists and weirdness slowly. "But its not exactly like WoD Mage, you know".. "Really ? how so?".. "Well, for starters, here your character is some everyday lunatic living in his own bubble reality while fighting others for power, and the more power he gets the more ruined his life gets". tl;dr: think in a rpg of modern mages co-directed by Tarantino and Lynch. (I would ditch the avatarhood elements too, and only reveal it on a future supplement)

    Also, I wish the game structure were more on the Sandbox side. Ditch the CoC roots where the GM brings his mystery of the week for the players to follow through breadcrumbs, and take cues from sandbox products with clear presented structures like Griffin Mountain, the By Night city series from WoD, Apocalypse World and its fronts, etc. Provide tools and clear advice for that to happen. Make gameplay revolve around this fight and maneuvering for power against the local underworld. Have the setting be as evocative as ever, but make it explicitly optional, for the players to use bits of it if they want to, or not. Provide support for the players create their own local factions and entities if they want. Gimme a list with 100 named local weirdos. Gimme a list with 100 weird artifacts. Gimme a list with 100 local gangs & cabals. Gimme a list with 100 local weird phenomena. Gimme a list with 100 paranormal beings. Teach me how to use these together to create interesting conflicts, perhaps with the help of the players.
  • Any links to a UA3 reboot? Who will be involved as developer(s)?
  • Greg Stolze and Cam Banks are confirmed. John Tynes probably is too, but I can't confirm.

    There is a thread on RPGnet now called "An apology to Unknown Armies" where they reveal some bits of info.
  • It's great that Cam Banks is on board (no surprise since he moved to Atlas). That sounds like an exciting development, can't wait for the Kickstarter next year!
  • Just a heads up: Cam is looking for some playtesters to round up the team. If anyone is interested send him a PM over at the RPGnet board.
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