Shin Megami Tensei Persona's "Social Links" are scaringly similar to AW Hx, huh ?

Im replaying Persona 3 here and Ive realized its "Social Links" concept is scaringly similar to how Hx work. I think an AW Persona hack wouldnt be too difficult to implement.

Has anyone thought about it ?


  • Yup! It's a pretty good match, although rather than hooking Social Links to Hx, it seems to me there's a fantastic argument to be made that each Arcana of the Links is, in fact, a type of Persona storyline, and, thus, a playbook.

    Take Arcana I, the Magician. In the original Persona, it's Yuka, in Persona 3 it's Junpei and Kenji (depending on which version you're playing), in Persona 4 it's Yosuke.

    The commonalities seem to be 'class clown' and, possibly 'romantic tragedy'. And, like all the subplots of the later Persona games, it's about growing up -- finding out who your 'true self' is.

    I could definitely see an argument being made for an AW hack where each playbook has moves connected to your storyline (and, like Monsterhearts, has Advanced Moves when you "grow up") *and* to the actual persona you summon and its powers in the Otherwhere (Tartarus, The Midnight Hour).

    You'd keep Hx, of course, which would show you "advancing" in each of the Arcana as a Social Link. Actually, just reskinning it might be sufficient without any changes. I think the actual video games even have the concept of "broken" Hx/Social Links.

    Actually, now that I think on it, maybe a Monsterhearts hack rather than an AW hack might work better...

  • Combine that with "Whenever you max out Hx, take an advance."

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