Mutant: Year Zero is neat

I just got my physical copy of it and I'm finding it pretty nice. It's unashamedly inspired by Apocalypse World but a tad more focused on its premise (gameplay revolves around the "Ark" where characters live, and the outside wastes they must explore) and a bit more "trad" in its mechanics. One thing he does that I've found interesting is declaring on each playbook.. I mean archetype sheet (hehe) the name of some NPCs and your relationship with them. Then it replicates some of those NPCs on other archetypes sheets but in opposing relations, resulting in PC-NPC-PC triangles from the get go.

Anyone played or read it ? Thoughts ?


  • The folks behind Mutant Year Zero
    I haven't looked at it that closely but the story behind it is that the company takes classic, well loved local licences that every Swedish roleplayer has a mind meltingly strong nostalgic love for, then slaps great art and wordbuilding on it and some indie mechanics. I.e. the extremely classic campaign Svavelvinter (Brimstone Winter) got some burning-wheel-like rules on it. Mutant is apparently also a beloved game line in that country.

    I haven't seen much AP reports and I haven't read any of the games through (I have the first (one-book) edition of their Svavelvinter, but I have only read the opening fiction, which I did like).

    The folks behind the previous iteration of Mutant
    I think that is a good development, because the previous licence holder for Mutant started the trend of putting amazing art on there, but didn't follow up with great mechanics. It had awful mechanics. They also made a game of their own, Coriolis, which seemed very supplement-dependant. I read the core book but it felt like it was missing something. Their newest game Symbaroum, well one of the guys that work on it is now in one of the game groups I play in. He also posts on here. It's beautiful but I haven't figured out how to run it.

    Even Kult is coming back
    Speaking of that game group, another participant there is gonna bring back Kult as a PbtA game. Kult Divinity Lost is the name. So you see the indie mechanics are all the rage in that Northern land of eternal darkness.

    It's a step in the right direction because the game rules during the nineties were... not good. So this sort of experimentation is an interesting phase.
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