[London] Meanwhile, in The Big Smoke.

I have finally escaped rural isolation and travelled to the big city find my fortune.

Are there any story games happening in London? I've lost my group and feel a bit directionless without a hobby in this new place.


  • The London Indie RPG Meet-Up is outstanding: they meet at least once a month at a bar in London to play all manner of indie games, plus there are other events as well, like the Mid-Week Meet-Up, and it's a great place to meet people who share the hobby.
  • Mr. Mullen, I could kiss you. Thank you very much for the recommendation.

    Time to go make some friends. Any other friendly groups the community has foreknowledge of (I've accidentally joined cults before, you know!), I'd be appreciative of information.
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    Mr. Mullen, I could kiss you.
    OK then. :)

    Also, if you're in the vicinity, Concrete Cow is a twice-yearly one day convention in Milton Keynes and, while not specifically focused on storygames, it is very indie friendly: I go every time to playtest games & scenarios.

  • Love blooms in mysterious places, internet stranger. Who am I to question what the heart wants?

    Keynes is a bit out of the way but one of these days!
  • Now that there's a productive response... Fallen London is a story-game that happens in London. Ba dum tish.
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