[Gingersnap] A Game of Queer Romance

The Supreme Court judgement on marriage equality in the USA this weekend inspired me to get a move on and write up this game that's been bubbling away in my thoughts for the last few months. Gingersnap is intended as a relatively light, possibly sad game about queer romance, dating and sex... but you could use it to tell non-queer stories too, I'll leave that up to you. It's a little more substantial than the average short game on my blog, because it covers some more complex topics than usual. Finally, you don't have to be queer to play this game, but it helps!


  • I didn't look through the dice mechanics to see how solid the math is, but the concept is simple and strong. I like it! Very appropriate design for the subject matter.

    You may want to clarify the note about the Qualities - I think the idea is to make sure each pair is in one pile or the other, but it's not entirely clear.

    (Not entirely sure it's possible to do non-queer stories with it, however.)
  • Thanks for the feedback: I wasn't sure if the Qualities explanation was clear enough, so I've added an example to show how it should be done.

    It would be difficult to play this as a non-queer game, but it could be done if you had a large number of players, say 8-10, and added a simple 'Gender & Sexual Preference' rule, so that each character had to identify as male or female and then could only click, have sex or find True Love with a character of the opposite gender... though it might be fun to say that you could click with any character and were allowed to change your sexual preference in the end game when you were trying to find True Love.
  • Hey, that's a thought:

    If you have a mixed-sex bunch of characters, leave their sexual orientation up for grabs: it's one of the things you'll discover during the game. If your True Love ends up being same-sex, that's the way you swing, and vice-versa. I like it!
  • Have you played Monsterhearts? It, too, is a game about queer romance. Track down a copy, you might find some inspiration.
  • Yes. Yes, I have played it. Lots. :-)
  • This looks great. The Qualities, dice mechanics, and explicit goal make it feel game-y enough to appeal to a crowd that might be intimidated by a more free form game. I can see how the game might be sad if your seemingly good match gets Deal Broken or your True Love leaves you for someone else, but it seems like during play it would often be quite funny too. I can imagine some pretty hilarious Qualities that would lighten the mood a lot and help people feel at ease.
  • Thanks Ludo: yes, I went back and rewrote the intro after finishing the game, when I realised it could be a little sad, but it should be funny too.

    I recommend watching Cucumber and Banana, which loosely served as the inspiration for the game.
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