[DayTrippers] Adventures in SlipSpace

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Woot woot! The DayTrippers GameMasters Guide came out in print today, and now both books are available in both PDF and dead-tree formats!

DayTrippers Core Rules
DayTrippers GameMasters Guide

The Core Rules allow for "GM-Lite" play, with lots of collaboration and a more author-stanced playstyle. The Gamemasters Guide provides the tools and rules for the Auteur GM to take it to another level: a blend of trad and modern elements with the unpredictable output of surrealist generators and a narrative control system optimized for one-shot story arcs and high bleed campaigns.


This is the thread where I'll post news, answer questions and occasionally ramble about DT.


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    Purchased the pdfs. I like what I see so far.
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    Thanks, @sdanic! I'm gonna post some APs. What the hell, right? The following three posts are from my Google Hangout campaign, featuring Nikos Carcosa as Slipship Pilot Frank Frass and Abstract Machine as Pastor Cletus Purcell...

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    [This is where the video ends. The session continues at the link above.]
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  • Awesome. Definitely coming back to read all of these.
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    Now available in PDF and Softbound formats!

    About the DTGMG:
    The DayTrippers GameMasters Guide is a 120-page mind-warping addition to any GM's collection, with over 70 random oracle tables and guidelines for running high-bleed adventures in a wide variety of science fiction settings, from far-flung alien worlds to pocket dimensions and alternate Earths. The system is a fast and simple blend of traditional and modern techniques, featuring sketchy prep and collaborative action resolution. This book is full of valuable information and generators for any GM, whether you run a home DayTrippers campaign or use it with other systems. And for one week, it's 25% off.


  • I put together a "media kit" for DayTrippers, because I read somewhere that that's important. I've had a couple people ask about the possibility of getting the books printed in a single, hardcover volume, which I'm considering. A couple people have expressed interest in writing reviews and it's great hearing people say things like that, but apparently I'm supposed to have a media kit to send out, which will make it easier to get more reviews. So here it is. I think I got everything important in there... Let me know if you think I didn't.

    As some of you know, I'm an old hand at writing and editing but relatively new at self-publishing and marketing, there's always been a marketing department to handle that stuff before... so for me, this doc represents another rung on the Indie Self-Sufficiency Ladder.

    DayTrippers Media Kit

  • The DayTrippers Q&A session on #RPGNET is over, but we have the transcript for anyone who missed it right here:

    A cleaned-up, text-formatted version is posted here:

    If you're interested in games of surreal science fiction, check it out.
  • What I get for not paying attention...

    I've always preferred RPGnow to DriveThruRPG. I know they're the exact same content of course, I just like the color scheme better. But it was called to my attention today that there is one significant difference, and that's the Sales Metal/Medals.

    It turns out that your medals are calculated per site, not across the whole OBS system. So while I've been looking at RPGnow all these months, I didn't even realize that the DayTrippers Core Rules had become a SILVER BEST SELLER at Drivethru! Similarly, the DayTrippers GameMasters Guide is a COPPER BEST SELLER there. And I didn't even frikkin know! Dammit, now I have to check both sites for all my other products! (Maybe you too!)

    DayTrippers Core Rules


    DayTrippers GameMasters Guide

  • Hey, did I mention that DayTrippers now has a Subreddit?
    Well, DayTrippers now has a Subreddit.

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    I can't remember but doesn't the main DayTripper's book have two modes of play? One more in the traditional GM style and one more collaborative?

    What does the GM guild add to the collaborative side? If I'm even remembering things right? Thanks :smile:
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    You're basically remembering it right. The Core Rules Book has all basic mechanics and also provides the rules to run a collab game, with a "GM Lite" who maintains the narrative arc.

    While the GameMasters Guide is aimed toward the "Auteur GM" (and thus implies a more "Trad" experience), it provides lots of detail on the game world of Home Earth and includes sections on Narrative Control and Fiction Management that could be democratized out, just like any other "GMfull" approach. The "Fiction Management" material includes stuff like Downtime, Money, Fame, Businesses, Campaigns, playing the SlipShip as an NPC, and the importance of Home Bases.

    The bulk of the GMG, of course, is the Generators - about 70 pages of them - for stars, planets, locations, characters, events, missions, lifeforms, dramatic twists etc. For a more collab experience these might be used by the group to brainstorm/randomize, or by individual GMs running in round-robin style, either in prep or as on-the-fly oracles.

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    Do you play DayTrippers online? Download this handy PC Sheet in fillable PDF format - now with autocalculation!
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