Need for Steed: Underground - an XXXXtreme Street Luge hack about illegal street jousting

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We played the first ever (!) session of Need for Steed: Underground the other day, which is this game here:

It's basically XXXXtreme Street Luge, except that you're all losers who live on the fringes of King Arthur's court.
The are two significant-ish differences: 1) rather than drawing to see how your story went down, you draw to see if you've left out an embarrassing detail; 2) when you ask questions in the post-jousting scenes, you can either ask as your own PC or as a local sports journalist (correspondent for the town crier).
We added the second thing because we found ourselves naturally gravitating to parodies of post-match press conferences.

Things that happened:
- Sir Margot earned the respect of his dad, Sir Gawain, by killing a fairy on a hunting expedition.
- Sir Kelenor got back his family lands and earned enough gold to enter a proper tournament, but could never win the respect of his former schoolmate Sir Gawain.
- Sir Robert the ________ eventually acquired a nickname to go after "the".
- Sir Goldplume's career as a bard got off to a poor start when his attempt at "observational barding" went very badly. However, he hit upon a successful formula with old-school reciting very long lists of lineages.
- Unable to get a decent horse, Sir Robert succeeded in his goal of obtaining a proper steed by stealing a giant hedgehog from King Arthur's private zoo. He then won every subsequent joust, so he may have been onto something.
- The player knights discovered two kids in one overcoat trying to enter the street joust as an adult. They let them joust but forced them to pay separate entry fees.
- Sir Goldplume tried to build a house but got a bit mixed up and built a boat. A perfectly seaworthy boat, but rather too far from the sea to be any use.
- Sir Kelenor won numerous jousts by psyching out the opposition with his blinged-out horse, including at one point low-slung lanterns to create a colourful "under horse glow".
- One of Sir Robert's goals was "marry a rich widow". He tried to meet one at a carnival but only attracted attention from rich married ladies, so his next move was invite all their husbands on a very dangerous dragon hunt.


  • I came ready to complain about a flagrant lack of Vin Diesel, but then you trumped any such objectio I could've possibly made.
  • Sweet.
  • Easy solution: Vin Diesel plays King Arthur.
  • I forgot to mention the brief foray into chivalry hipsterism: "I was into Galahad before he joined the Round Table." "The Round Table was better when the Siege Perilous was still setting people on fire anyway."

    That kind of thing.
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