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Here's where we can talk about further hacks, review previous games, etc.

One thing I LOVE about playing this game in a forum: The suspense-filled minutes between the time someone rolls the dice and the time they post. You know what filter they're about to use, but no idea what's gonna happen!


  • Being able to watch the history of the text unfold is also super-cool. I dig the archival format of forum play.
  • I love this game. I even like that it ends unexp-
  • Sample is now officially my favorite gate.
  • I wish DRUG was instead TONE, because ya know, that's what it is.
  • Yeah but. Like if you injected "Metaphorizone" you would have to go further than tone.

  • The word tone is big and abstract, but to me it sometimes covers things like surrealism.
  • The interesting thing is: the moment we made it into a multi-player game, differences over how to implement filters became part of the fun!

    First time I saw "acid" used literally as a drug, I was like "That's not how it's supposed to be!", but a second later I was instead like "Man, this current state of the signal is beautiful!"

    I literally dread the day I'll roll "play game" as my filter, because I have no idea how to implement it. I look at what others came up with in amazement and admiration.
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    I tried a forum game a few years back, using Whispers to create game like telephone to tell a round-robin story.
    I forget the rules, but I think the first playtest went horribly and I felt defeated.
    I called it Whisper to a Robin, or Telephone a Robin, I think?
    Anyway, Story-Games doesn't seem to have Whispering anymore.
  • Anyway, Story-Games doesn't seem to have Whispering anymore.
    Yeah, those went away when transitioning to Vanilla 2, or whatever the current software is. I do believe we now have a PMing system of sorts, though.
  • The last few posts in the Cobralingus thread (mine included) have made me uncomfortable. I wonder if this game needs a mechanism to indicate lines and veils (or for making some content is off-limits)?

    Does that mess with the stream-of-consciousness zen of it all?

    And if we agree this is an issue that needs a mechanical fix:

    If someone indicated a line had been crossed, then what would we do? One idea would be that anyone, including the original poster could roll again and make another contribution ...)
  • Yeah but. Like if you injected "Metaphorizone" you would have to go further than tone.

    Yeah, I think DRUG is cleverly playful with its second sort of meaning.
  • On solving the current uncomfortable state: game #5 has been going on for a while and I'd see no harm in just dropping it, maybe starting a new thread for #6.

    Alternative: someone could deliberately employ a gate such as DECAY, PURIFY or even EXPLODE to remove uncomfortable bits/only retain OK parts. This needs be a direct action, as squee is subjective: I can't try and remove things which I'm guessing are crossing someone else's line.

    Alternative: VEIL as a gate/filter, whose effect is to selectively clean up the text of uncomfortable bits. Again, to be employed non-randomly.

    Source of the problem: part of it is the random-ish nature of the game, where of course we can't really predict outcomes. In retrospective, though, I may repeatedly have injected potentially troublesome content via SAMPLE, f'rex. In the end, all edits are manual, so, if we're aware of everybody's lines we can (should) avoid crossing them.

    Which brings us to the other half of the source: the free for all, join-me nature of this sort of forum play, for which we haven't identified as a circle of players beforehand. By skipping this step, the natural locus for drawing boundaries and defining a social contract for the game was also left out.
  • My argument would be that by using the word "surrealist" we were taking on the mantle of an artistic school which holds charged subconscious content arising by happenstance to be not only permissible, but exactly the most admissible content.

    Of course, I like my art strong and black - just like my transsexual animal rights activists.

  • I suppose that talking directly about lines - or moderation lines - so the players knew what they are permitted to do wouldn't be in the spirit of the X card. Just back down in general :D
  • Just a reminder, you were asked not to start any new threads.
  • I would gladly edit the OP to include new rules, but I don't feel like I have anything to add to the discussion. I like all Rafu's alternatives.
  • FTR, I was asked not to start any more "Too Far?" threads, but I was also asked to start more of them.
    It balances out.

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    I think Rafu is right: in a game like this, it's easy to inject potentially troublesome content. And it's easy to build on that and cross a line.

    I'm going to redact some of my entry. I'm sorry: I feel it crossed a line and I'm going to do better at looking out for that.

    Building on Rafu's idea, maybe we could amend the rules to something like this:

    --- --- ---

    THE GAME IS PLAYED by taking an "INLET" text, considering it as a "SIGNAL", and putting it through a random series of transformations or "FILTER GATES" until arriving at an "OUTLET" text (which happens when someone rolls "Save" on the d17), whereupon the game is done.

    We're playing this game in a public forum that is a safe and inclusive space. In the 'Rules and Purpose of Story Games' thread, the rules of communication include:

    * treating other participants with respect.
    * political, religious, sexual, or other topics that don't involve a game or gaming go Elsewhere. If you seriously relate them to gaming, then awesome! ...but tread lightly.

    The need to respect others and make them feel safe in a public space is more important than any entry in the game.

    If you have an idea that you feel may cross a line or that you feel would need to have a trigger warning, then try writing your idea a different way or try a different idea.

    If you feel a piece of writing has crossed a line, you can activate this filter gate:
    VEIL: identify bits of preceding text that make you uncomfortable, and ask for them to be cleaned up (altered, redacted, etc). Employed non-randomly. After VEIL has taken effect, any player can take the next turn.
    --- --- ---

    I'd suggest:

    1. Rafu, me, and AsIf VEIL problematic parts of our posts
    2. We alter the first post's rules to include something like the above
    3. We start a new game in this thread, and reproduce the new rules there.
  • If we're going to conserve the number of threads and not start new ones, why abandon the play thread and modify the metathread? I can easily modify the #4 thread to include those new rules!
  • Oops! Good catch, Jonatan: I meant to suggest 'starting a new game in the #4 thread'. (I was writing that very early in the morning!)
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