Games in Playtesting & Development -- February 2015

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This is a thread where you can tell us about any games that you're currently developing or playtesting. It's an opportunity to connect with potential playtesters

The thread is an experiment: it got used last month, so I thought we could try it again.

Principles for posting:

* Tell us about your game(s) in one post. Feel free to mention your game even if you've talked about it in last month's thread. The idea is to inform us about what you're doing now.

* Optionally: tell us what you're hoping to achieve this month.

* If you want to link to another thread, post, or rules document, go for it.

* There's no maximum number of games you can talk about. If developing your game is a genuine focus for you this month, then put it up. (This bit is definitely an experiment, so let's test how it works. If the thread gets a bit spammy, then maybe we need a different/actual limit.)

If you're responding to a game someone else has posted about:

* Number your response (first response: [1]; second response [2]; third response [3]). If you see that you're the second person to post, "Wow, that looks cool!" to a post here, then put a "[2]" at the top of your post.

* The fourth person to post should just take their comment and create a new thread (or talk on an existing thread about the game), to continue the discussion.


  • I'm working on Malandros, a standalone DramaSystem game about street life in 1889 Rio de Janeiro.
    My to-do list for this month is to reorganise the text so it's more user friendly.

    I'm also translating a science fiction game from Brazil called UED, but that's not really 'in development' because the original edition has been available for some time.
  • Legends of the Elements is my current focus. It is the recently-rebranded PbtA hack for elemental kung-fu wuxia action, no longer tied explicitly to the Avatar The Last Airbender franchise.
    My intention this month is to complete the initial additions I wanted to add because of the name change and to release the first full draft under the new name (the equivalent of Avatar World v1.7). I also want to reach the second climax of my long-form campaign of the game, rounding out my personal obligation to playtest in long-form.
    Discussion and feedback in THIS thread, check out and download the latest version yourself HERE.

    The Shining Void is my secondary focus right now. It is also a PbtA game, this one focused on action sci-fi featuring heroes on a spaceship, such as Mass Effect, Firefly, Farscape, and Star Wars. It has had a recent completely new draft, this time properly cleansing itself of Mass Effect-exclusive concepts.
    This draft is not up for revision quite yet, as it has had no playtesting. While I'm not actively seeking to playtest the game myself while I'm in the midst of my other game (I can't afford more than one weekly game), I'm looking for others to pick it up and give it a try! If my LotE game hits its next climax before month's end, I may do a one/two-shot playtest.
    Discussion and feedback in THIS thread, download the latest draft HERE.
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    This month I'm really going to make an effort to get playtesters for my latest but one* game Great Minds, and if that fails then it's time to finally give up, get a shelf-stacking job and forget about roleplaying altogether.

    *Yes, since starting work on Great Minds I've come up with yet another game (but see above re developing it).

  • I just released an alpha draft of my new game, Innocence. It's a storytelling game designed to allow players to retell the same story from the perspective of different (and often unreliable) narrators.

    I posted a thread about it, complete with a link to the rules, here. Would love to get some feedback.
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    I'm currently working towards a playtest draft of Devil & the Void. It's a space opera game, kind of a flip side of my long-in-development (like 10+ years) Napoleonic naval adventure game Devil & the Deep.

    I feel like this draft is coming together pretty well and hope to run a few more playtests myself, after which I can put together a public playtest document.
  • I like this month-to-month focus thing.

    This month I'd really like to accomplish two things.

    1) Finish putting together the proto deck for The Extraordinarily Horrible Children of Raven's Hollow so the final round of play testing on that can begin.

    2) Begin play testing Haunted, my game about a murderer being haunted by the ghost of his victim. The latest draft is here:

    If by any chance you happen to be local to the L.A./Long Beach area and would be interested in these playtests please feel free to contact me.

    Raven's Hollow needs to be played in person due to the custom deck. However, Haunted, I think is fairly G+ Hangouts friendly. If you're available for that let me know as well. The main caveat is that the best days for me are weekdays and I work fairly late hours. So you'd have to be available from around 9 to midnight Pacific time. Although, Haunted is short enough that setting up a weekend game wouldn't be out of the question if there was significant interest.
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    [1] Jesse's games

    I'd be available for a playtest for Haunted: 9pm Pacific is 6pm New Zealand time.

    Also: Jesse didn't mention it, but he has game-specific circles on Google Plus if you're interested in following the development of one of his games.

    [1] Devil and the Void

    Mike, we have to get together on Skype soon and play this. I loved our first test of this: we created a crew of spaceship thieves who stole the fastest racing vehicle in the galaxy. I feel my greatest creative contribution to this was to insist that one of the crew was the User Experience Designer, who was constantly tinkering with the software that allows the crew to interface with and control the ship.
  • I'm hoping to get the basic chassis of my "Firefly meets wagon train in Ottoman empire Ravnica." game The Dark Roads play tested this month. As indicated by the thread I started about the "MVP/Minimum Viable Product Edition" of the rules, this is just the basic framework of the rules: the stuff the game can't go without.

    Ideally, throughout the playtest I'll be revising and polishing the rules, and (when useful and interesting) adding new rules based on the on-the-fly rulings/establishing of advanced principles/procedures that will inevitably occur during play testing. I'm looking for 3-4 people willing to make a biweeklyish time commitment for the next few months; enough time to get an idea of how the basic engine behaves during long-term play.

    Any takers?
  • Continuing to playtest Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate (Link 1,Link 2,Link 3). This month we start our last full length playtest campaign. This month my focus is to test out some of our fate mechanics. I'll also be working on research end to expand on some key sections involving the imperial government.
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    I'm working on Uncharted Worlds, my PbtA Space Opera game that draws from Traveller, Firefly and the Vorkosigan saga. I've got a new G+ Community set up recently.

    My alpha rules are done and ready to be playtested (they're available on the G+ Community), and this month I want to fill in the gaps, expand on certain rules and create a beta document. More importantly, I fully intend to have my Kickstarter up and running before the end of the month.
  • I'm looking forward to reading The Shining Void and Uncharted Worlds. I love epic science fiction / space opera.

    I am going to try and have Soth, my game about cultists summoning a dark god while making sure their families don't find out, fully edited and ready for layout by the end of the month.
  • [1] Soth
    Are they all in the same cult, or are the players also working at cross-purposes with each other?
  • [2] Soth

    They're all in the same cult, which gives the game a sort of a "Let's pull off a heist / Let's get away with murder" vibe while being complicated by the cultists' various social obligations and mental instabilities.

    Having them all in different cults sounds fun, though :) I'll let that simmer. The game that sounds more like, to me, is Matt Machell's fantastic Covenant [rpgnow link], where you were all in the same cult but the game starts just after its doomsday prophecy failed. It has some of the best situation-generating mechanics I've ever played.
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    As you may know from the other thread, I just released version 1.2 of DayTrippers and I'm currently working on the GameMasters Guide (slated for a March release). But now, thanks to the generosity of my Patreon Patrons, I have begun commissioning art for upcoming supplements and modules. The first artist I'm working with is the very talented Enmanuel Martinez, whose work can be seen here.

    Enmanuel is currently offering a discount of 25% off his regular prices, which sweetened the pot even more for me, and might do the same for you. So. If you're looking for original art, click here for his (regular) rates.

  • Trials of the Magi will be launching on Kickstarter in one month's time and as such play test documents should be released in a few weeks!

    This is my first big RPG release and I would love to hear what you guys think of it once it is released!

  • I'm working on an as-of-yet-unnamed storytelling game that aims to emulate Weird Fiction type horror stories - Lovecraft, Machen, Blackwood, Grabiński etc. The basic version should accommodate between 1 and 4 participants (that is, you can play it solo). As far as I can tell, the game's core mechanical concept is unique, but the rest might remind you of Fiasco, Intrepid, De Profundis.

    This month I was hoping to do some solo playtests, post them online and ask for people who'd like to join me in playtesting. Unfortunately the much dreaded "real life" somewhat squashed me so the plans are delayed, but you now know what's cooking :)
  • I've finished my lightweight Steampunk game THE CODE OF STEAM AND STEEL (latest in my range which includes THE COMICS CODE and THE CODE OF THE SPACELANES - both available on RPGNOW.)

    Files uploaded to RPGNOW but I'm not releasing the .pdf until the print copy is viable. Plan to release it officially at a British RPG convention in April or May. I can't wait!
  • Alienòr, where players play ladies-in-waiting to an intriguing medieval queen, is going through the last stages of layout and rules revisions. I'm working hard on creating a pleasing, lightweight graphic design and focus the game more on its subjects: devotion, love, stories-in-stories and a female perspective.

    Cover design, I hope you like it!

    This is my goal: the new version has to be finished around the 6th of March. It premiers at my old art academy (Belgium's first storygame, I think), after that it will appear on RPGnow, our local website, and hopefully a lot of other places! I'm going for a pay-what-you-want pdf online, and booklets locally.
  • [1] Alienor
    Lovely cover design. Looking forward to seeing the finished game!
  • I am currently preparing an alpha version of the Luna System for a playtest/demo at my local gaming store. The setting I am concentrating on at this time is "London by Moonlight." It's an urban fantasy/horror setting for supernatural secret agents.

    What's unusual about the way I am developing the game is that it is happening in public. I hope that by doing it this way, I can get feedback from the gaming community and produce a better game.
  • [2] Alienor

    I also love the pitch for this game. Looking forward to hearing more.
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