[5E] Adding BW's Emotional Attributes

From an RPG.net thread on playing 5E in Middle Earth.

Your EA is, essentially, a 5th BIFT. It has a number attached to it as well, starting at 1. Every time you gain Inspiration from it, put a checkmark next to it. When you have a number of checkmarks equal to its current level, it advances. If it reaches 10 (i.e., if you get Inspiration from your EA 45 times), yerrrrrrr out. Elves go West (or die of grief), Dwarves turn into Dragons, Orcs go on a mad suicidal rampage.


  • Hmm, that's not bad, but I want to be able to tap it for a big benefit! Having it sit there passively feels unsatisfying.
  • Oh, sorry. Yeah. When you *spend* your Inspiration gained from your EA, you gain a bonus die on top of the extra d20. (This is particularly potent because even if you're using the Inspiration to cancel out Disad, you still gain something beyond a normal d20 roll.)

    With EA 1-2: d4
    3-4: d6
    5-6: d8
    7-8: d10
    9: d12
  • Hmm, I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to just keep Inspiration as-is (instead of trying to remember whether your last Inspiration was from your EA) and have another way to trigger your EA. I was thinking maybe you could get the special benefit by checking your EA again. So you can spend Inspiration as normal, or you can tap your EA by checking it again in order to channel your Inspiration.
  • Yeah, that's a great point. I think maybe your EA is just something you tap, whether you want to or not, whenever you spend Inspiration and are acting out of (Grief/Greed/Hatred).

    Oh and of course Drow get Spite. :-)
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