Stuff to Watch -- December 2014

What stuff should we watch, read, play, etc?

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Because these threads are great: We can link to little things being talked about on the web in general, on blogs, or other forums that might be noteworthy, without having to dedicate a new thread to each and every one (although that, too, is fine if you want to discuss the item further or "open up a discussion").

Responding to these posts with a comment or two is understandable (other times there might be no comments, just because the link was self-explanatory: nothing to say, lots of heads nodding in agreement). But we don't want to create a huge discussion in the middle of the thread: Some folks get a lot out of these threads, and don't want to look back to see the "10 latest posts" just to see that it's a heated discussion of something from a previous page.



  • The As If Productions PATREON project has been launched.
    Join the As If Collective and YOU can drive the machine!
    This is a social experiment in crowdsourced Tod Control.

  • My second game, and NaGaDeMon entry 'Trials of the Magi' can now be downloaded for free from DrivethruRPG or RPGNow.

    Its an experimental game which tries to combine a tabletop RPG with aspects of an alternate reality game [ARG].
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    Another month, another glossy Patreon-funded Fate scenario from Evil Hat: Romance In The Air is set in an alternate-history fin-de-siecle Europe (plus Ottoman empire) on the brink of world war.

    I've only skimmed it so far, but it seems to focus on social conflict — diplomacy, intrigue, gossip. It even has an optional setup phase where the nation-states are playable 'characters', so you can play at the level of international politics or war before diving to the human level. Neat!
  • Epimas is upon us! FUCK YEAH, BAYBEE! How does one celebrate Epimas, you ask? Why, with classic, wholesome profanity and a bundle of games, of course! Check out the awesome bundles from a fantabulous gaggle of game devs at the link below, buy one for a friend and get a second one free for yourself, then go forth and be merry, ye olde motherfuckers!


  • As I know everyone here is probably already aware, there are 4 days left on the Dungeon World Bundle of Holding, featuring the core rules, all of Johnstone Metzger's DW stuff (my personal favorite of which is Adventures on Dungeon Planet) and my own first contributions to the hobby: Funnel World and Servants of the Cinder Queen.
  • [Dungeon World bundle 1]

    Whoa Nelly, I was not aware of this bundle, despite supposedly being signed up for announcement emails from BoH. This is damn near a must-buy for me even though I already have the DW core book and Dungeon Planet. (And +1 to Dungeon Planet — it's a brilliant reworking of fantasy tropes into Planetary Romance tropes.)
  • Vincent Baker is giving sneak peeks at his new game "Freebooting Venus"!
    A hundred million years ago, Venus was not the toxic hell that it is today. It was a world green and blue, alive, Terra's sister. Freebooting Venus is fun, freewheeling fantasy adventure on this ancient and marvelous world.
    I'm running internal playtests now, and while the game isn't ready for external playtesting, I do want to give you a first look, if you're interested.
  • Dr Tom the Frog Show is a weekly Tabletop Talk Show, lasts ten minutes or less, hosted by a frog, who is also a doctor. Six episodes out so far, some really fun content.
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