Dream Palace Ready for Playtest

After years working on this part-time and holding it close to my chest, Dream Palace is ready for playtesting. If things work out, it will go through it's first round of testing on Dec 6, and after that I will be opening it up so I can get a wider range of feedback.

Dream Palace is the Story Game of Hollywood Cinema. It is GM-less. The players take on the various jobs in a movie production in order to put together a Hollywood style story.

As stated above, there is no GM, but the jobs performed by a GM are split up between three of the players. They take on the Staff Positions of Writer, Director, and Producer.

Writer- Sets up the beginnings of the movie's Sequences and plays the parts of the Extras.
Director- Keeps the story on track.
Producer- Casts the actors and doles out Star Power.

One of the concepts in the game that I am both proud of and nervous about is the Story Track. Movies are meant to manipulate the emotions of the viewers. Scriptwriters will often use a "Beat Sheet" to help them with that. It acts as a guide to what happens where in the story. I've adapted the Beat Sheet concept to Dream Palace. As the story progresses, a marker advances along the track and the space it lands on tells the players what is expected in this part of the movie and any changes to the rules.

The narrative of the game is controlled by playing cards. Players can take the Spotlight by playing a card from their hand that is higher than the card played previously.

I'll keep everyone updated on how the playtest progresses. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reply.
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