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This thread is for anyone who wants to discuss the "Being Eero" game, but wishes to be respectful of the posting rules in the game thread.

BEING EERO is a roleplaying game in which a fictional character - who shares your name and account - attempts to control a real person by making moves within the fiction, while that real person feeds back into the system at a mechanical level - either willfully or unintentionally - thereby determining whether or not your in-character moves are successful.

"Design revolution in scope and intention
Too close for comfort and too deep to mention
Praisers praise, haters hate, bitchers be bitchin'
Handle the heat, or keep out of the kitchen."
- As If

It's a labor of love and an homage to a person whose stature and work I consider legendary, but at the same time it's unabashedly provocative, potentially controversial, and comes tantalizingly close to being socially dangerous. It's highly experimental and not for everyone. But one thing's for sure: It's a model you've never seen before.

"My style is UFO,
Totally unknown,
You can't fuck with my new Zef flow
I'm hard to miss, 'You can't do this, you can't do that'
Yo, fuckin' who said so?"
- Die Antwoord

It's a game where the object is more real than the subject, where the imagined interior of an actual person serves as the external foundation of a fictional scenario. It's a game that inverts and blurs the conventional relationship between the diegetic and the non-diegetic, in which the players have absolute agency over the fiction, but the non-player has more mechanical agency than the players themselves.

"When you strip away the Internet socialization element, there's the kernel of a potential mainstream social boardgame here; people love talking about themselves and each other, and I could see that it could be an intensely intimate creative agenda for a tabletop game to just pick one of the players as the ostensible "scenario" or playground for a psychonautic gaming exercise. The concept of travel into the internal world is well-attested in speculative fiction, but the idea of using one of the real people playing the game as the playground is quite interesting."
- Eero Tuovinen

Let the meta begin.


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