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In honor of our new vanilla upgrade, I bring you the latest game in the "Too Far?" series:


"When Eero posts, he is not alone."

THE CHARACTERS are a small, exclusive cult of game designers, narrative engineers, literary neophiles and hipster fanboys who have discovered a small door hidden behind a filing cabinet, said door concealing an interdimensional portal leading directly into the head of Eero Tuovinen. Though bound by scientific honor and mystic oath to report willingly and in great detail to each other, each of them has secretly been using this portal to further a personal Agenda of their own.


There shall be a Game Thread posted on the forum, with a title including the words "Being Eero". The OP of the Game Thread shall contain the following paragraph, italicized:

Anyone may join the game in progress by creating a character and posting it. Non-players posting in the Game Thread will be ignored, in the name of Science. By posting in the Game Thread, all non-players agree that they shall post nothing other than the word "Wow", and that if they post anything other than the word "Wow" they shall be subjected to incessantly-repeated private messages from the ThreadKeeper saying things like "Come on, be cool" and "I'll be your best friend" and other passive-aggressive means of text-based cajolement until such time as they delete the body of their post, replacing it with the word "Wow".


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    Eero Tuovinen will play Eero Tuovinen.
    Everyone who isn't Eero Tuovinen will need to create a character.
    Your character must be alive in the present day, and must be a human from the planet Earth. Your character has the same username as you. Your character must have an Agenda, but it's okay if you don't know what it is. Your character possesses only one stat: WILL. Your character's WILL is determined by rolling 2d4, generating a number between 2 and 8.

    You roll dice like this: <roll>2d4</roll>
    (Keep roll posts separate, because you cannot edit a roll once its been made.)


    There shall be no fixed turn order. Anyone may take a turn Being Eero at any time, except that no one may take two turns in a row, and no one may post a Report fewer than 15 minutes from anyone's previous Report (you'll see why in a moment). Note that a new turn may only begin when no one is Holding the Head (see below).


    There are two "Turn Modes" in the game: Observation Mode and Push Mode. Every Turn is performed in one of these two modes. When your turn commences, you must decide which Mode you will be using. To begin your turn, you simply let the other cultists know you're going in. You shall do this by posting in the Game Thread.

    A Turn in Observation Mode is a simple fact-gathering mission on Being Eero. To take a Turn in Observation Mode, enter the portal by announcing "I'M GOING IN" in the Game Thread, wait (inside Eero's head) for 15 minutes, and then post a Report on whatever you observed and experienced while you were in there. Remember that your experiences in Eero's head will include the input of all five senses, as well as the reverberating echoes of Eero's thoughts.

    If Eero posts while you're in Observation Mode you shall witness the entire act through Eero's eyeholes, and you may choose to either take 1 XP or raise your WILL by 1 point. In addition you will be privy to all of the thoughts and sensations which find their expression in the content of the post itself. Be sure to include them in your Report, for Science.

    Bear in mind that this is not an exercise for the prude or faint of heart; Eero's life and world are so far from comprehensible to mere mortals that to experience them firsthand will almost certainly redefine your view of life, death, gameplay, reality, and what it all means.
    A Turn in Push Mode is an attempt to make Eero say something. To take a Turn in Push Mode, enter the portal as described above (i.e., by announcing it in the Game Thread), and in the same post, you must specify a number of "Push Words" equal to your current WILL score.
    ENTERING PUSH MODE (example assumes your WILL = 3):
    Push Words: gamemaster, dubious, hygiene

    Intracranial manipulation of Eero's behavior can sometimes have a delayed effect lasting up to one full day. If Eero uses any of your Push Words in a post within 24 hours of your turn's commencement, you will receive 1 XP for each of your Push Words used. Letter case does not matter, but spelling does. Multiple appearances of the same Push Word, as well as multiple posts by Eero within that 24-hour period, do count toward your total. Because of the 24-hour delay effect, it is possible for a single post by Eero to generate XP for more than one cultist.


    While taking a turn inside Eero's head - which by default lasts exactly 15 minutes - you will see the world through Eero's eyes, hear Eero's thoughts echoing around you, feel Eero's hand scratching what seems like your chin, you may witness Eero responding to posts, possibly even your own...

    ...and if you try very very hard, you might be able to make Eero do things.

    While inside Eero's head (i.e. for those 15 minutes prior to posting your Report), you are unable to post in any other threads on the forum besides the Game Thread, and you are unable to whisper or send private messages via the forum system. Because The Fiction. And when I say "unable" I mean "prohibited under penalty of expulsion from both the cult and the game, forever."
    If you are expelled from the game, your cultist character dies and ceases to exist. The next person to enter Eero's head will write an unpleasant accounting of what happened to you, and prepend this story to their own Report. All posts written under your username shall be considered as coming from beyond the veil. Don't fuck with The Fiction. The Fiction will swallow you whole. Nobody wants that.
    It's a good idea to take careful notes of whatever you observe and experience for those 15 minutes while you're in Eero's head. Refresh the front page to see what's going on, but do not comment. Use this time to compose your Report, which you will post to the Game Thread upon your return.
    NOTE: If it ever comes to pass that Eero personally enters the small door, the interdimensional portal will lead to a world of surreal self-reflexivity where everyone looks like Eero and can only say "Eero". For exactly 15 minutes. For Eero, it will be terrifying. For everyone else it will just be mildly annoying.
    The purpose of your report is to add to the cult's accumulated knowledge of General Eerology and Eerological Semantics. To this end, all sensory data and thoughts experienced in the head should by all means be included: no detail is too small. You may find at times that your experiences seem surreal or unbelievable, and then suddenly shift into the mundane and prosaic; do not be alarmed. Such is the dynamic nature of Being Eero.


    Should you decide that 15 minutes isn't enough and you wish to hold the head for a longer period of time, you must post the following message to the Game Thread prior to your turn ending:


    And roll your WILL or lower on 2d6. If the roll is lower than or equal to your WILL, you may remain inside Eero's head for as long as you wish, until you choose to leave or are Flushed Out. This will allow you to add a considerable amount of detail to your report, for Science! In addition you may add another set of Push Words (equal to your WILL), and your 24-hour countdown is reset.

    If the roll exceeds your WILL, you are ejected from Eero's head as usual but your WILL has been so shaken that you shall post a GAFFE as the very next thing you do on the forum. Follow the STANDARD GAFFE RULES (see below).


    To force another cultist to relinquish hold of the head, post the following message to the Game Thread:


    And roll a number of d6 equal to your WILL. You will take the highest two and add them together. Other cultists may add another d6 to your roll if they post "I'M HELPING" and roll it within 15 minutes of your attempt's commencement; it is very difficult for even the most stalwart inhabitant to hold the head against such combined effort. If the total of the highest two rolled dice (including those of anyone helping) come up greater than the WILL of the current head-inhabitant, you have successfully Flushed them out.
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    If you are flushed out of Eero's head, you will post your Report as usual, and it will no doubt be fabulous. However, as getting Flushed is a rattling experience, you must roll your WILL or lower on 2d6. If you fail to do this, you must post a GAFFE under the STANDARD GAFFE RULES. And don't be surprised if some of the other cultists think you're a little bit of a dick. After all, everyone wants their turn to be Eero. It's all in the name of Science!


    To determine your GAFFE, roll 1d6 and consult the following chart:
    1 - SPACEDNESS: You forget your own thought mid-post
    2 - CONFUNDITY: You confuse two posts and mix them together in a reference
    3 - OPINIONISM: You say something judgmental about a game you've never played
    4 - REDUNDITUDE: You simply restate the last point made by the previous poster
    5 - FALLACITY: You are unable to resist the urge to employ a logical fallacy
    6 - NEOHYGIENE: You formulate an unusual definition of the word "hygienic"
    You may post your GAFFE in any thread except the Game Thread. If you don't post your GAFFE within 15 minutes you shall be expelled from the game, since your willpower is obviously so great that we cannot permit you to upset the delicate ecosystem that is Eero's head. Sorry, but you know how it is.


    The first cultist whose XP exceeds their own WILL is the winner, and shall be named The Grande Eerologos. This position and its entitlements shall remain in effect beyond the end of the game and to perpetuity. The Grande Eerologos doesn't really win anything, but forevermore, if they ask "Who's the Grande Eerologos?" the rest of the original cultists all have to answer "You are."


    NAME: ____________________________

    PROFESSION: ____________________________

    AGENDA: ____________________________

    WILL: _____

    XP: _____
  • Talk about an inside joke.


    I'll be here all week, folks.
  • This is great!
  • Here is my WILL roll (keep rolls separate from posts because you cannot edit rolls once they've been made):
    (Rolled: 2d4. Rolls: 1, 1. Total: 2)
  • Ok, that sucked! I'm gonna be terrible at holding the head! Here's my character:

    NAME: AsIf
    PROFESSION: Narrative Engineer
    AGENDA: Unknown
    WILL: 2
    XP: 0
    Push Words: evocative, argument

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    "Disorientation" does not describe the feeling. Both motionless and flying at tremendous speed through the portal, then warmth, tactile sensation, a heartbeat - skipped a moment I think - when it wasn't my own.

    I am Eero. I/Eero. Our eyeholes are open and I gaze through them at the cluttered but inviting room, draped with scarves and wafting batiks, rich in the odours of faraway lands and stacked to the bauhaus ceiling with books, papers, scrolls, maps and dice - OMG the beautiful dice...

    There are so many of them! We raise our hand in a graceful arc and we gesture, palm up. A set of luxurious dice drift through the air and settle in our palm, where we feel their coolness.

    Standing, we take several steps forward and I forget myself for quite a few seconds as vertigo washes through me... like the fast-elevator feeling, my stomach is left far behind, my consciousness is spinning but Eero seems not to notice as the walls of the bohemian bedroom fall away and he/we are suddenly accelerating beyond my means of comprehension, striding upon planets, stepping lightly from sphere to sphere and breaking into a run across the cosmos... Kull Wahad! Eero is doing his famous galactic exercises!

    Thoughts are echoing around me - no they are numbers - Eero is counting strides! And I am Eero, running from world to world, system to system, leaping and bounding beyond light-speed as entire galactic empires fall into a blur around me/us, and I begin to regain control of my individual consciousness. I remember who I am. I concentrate on my Push Words. Evocative. Argument. Evocative. Argument. Evocative. Argument.

    And then it's over. As quickly as it began.

  • An award-winning game designer kinda did something like this for me a long time ago and it isn't seen as positive. (Though I myself honestly didn't mind that much.) I hope you checked with Eero first, otherwise this might be seen as a bit mean-spirited.
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    In case anybody wondered:
    I have nothing but love for Eero. And I've won TWO design awards!

    (And he is not offended, btw. I now return you to our game, already in progress.)

  • please don't make any (more) "too far" threads as far as I'm concerned. the devil's dictionary was not funny.
  • I'm rolling for my Will. Let's see if this works.
    (Rolled: 2d4. Rolls: 1, 2. Total: 3)
  • There is only 1 thing good about that roll.

    Name: Johnstone.
    Profession: Actor, writer, producer, comedian, waiter.
    Agenda: Devil worship.
    Will: 3.
    XP: 0.
  • Welcome to the cult, Brother Johnstone. Here's a membership card and some recruitment pamphlets for you. The little hats are optional.
  • Please continue to make "too far" threads. The Devil's Dictionary was quite funny.
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