[LARP] Polling for a design article, with examples

edited December 2006 in Story Games
I've been tinkering with the idea of writing a short article on old school, character immersive LARP design (* with examples, Actual GMing report, and analysis of what worked and what did not, and why. I've reading in between the lines in several threads that this kind of, ahem, cultural exchange would be good even if it's not directly helpful. Also, it's an intresting subject to me, because LARP paradigm affects the tabletop playing and scenario design around here a lot.

Would this be an intresting subject to SG population or just waste of space? And if it's intresting at least to a few people, is there anything you'd like to have explained or focused on?

*) That would be, nothing fancy, just the barebones background-heavy, rules-lite, long LARP that aims for "realism".


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