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Stuff to Watch boilerplate:
What stuff should we watch, read, play, etc?

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Because these threads are great: We can link to little things being talked about on the web in general, on blogs, or other forums that might be noteworthy, without having to dedicate a new thread to each and every one (although that, too, is fine if you want to discuss the item further or "open up a discussion").

Responding to these posts with a comment or two is understandable (other times there might be no comments, just because the link was self-explanatory: nothing to say, lots of heads nodding in agreement). But we don't want to create a huge discussion in the middle of the thread: Some folks get a lot out of these threads, and don't want to look back to see the "10 latest posts" just to see that it's a heated discussion of something from a previous page.



  • Virtuacon 2014 is this weekend!

    Friday, October 10th to Sunday, October 12th, there are RPGs on G+ Hangouts, panels (I'm moderating a few), even an ongoing Hangout "bar" for chatting with folks around the world.

    Check it out!
  • Behind-the-scenes documentary of Peter Adkison's project to turn our dark and epic Salem Fiasco game into a movie, The Devil Walks In Salem. Interviews and lots of discussion about story games in general.

    direct link to the video, in case the embed doesn't work
  • We are now entering the last 5 days for the Slumbering Ursine Dunes OSR pointcrawl/campaign setting. I'm in, looks good.

    [Slumbering Ursine Dunes 2]
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    "Friends at the Table is an actual play podcast about critical worldbuilding, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends." Currently they're playing Dungeon World, and there's been some pretty great stuff so far.
  • Out Of Print Clothing, which has a lot of t-shirts and other swag emblazoned with classic book covers, has a new "spooky collection", one of which is Choose Your Own Adventure #37: War with the Evil Power Master:


    They've also got Tales Of The Cthulhu Mythos (1969 Arkham House cover), and Shirley Jackson's The Haunting Of Hill House (but sadly not We Have Always Lived In The Castle, which is my favorite of her books and CREEPY AS FUCK.)
  • Yesterday I released a big, fat Dungeon World supplement called Class Warfare. It's alternate character and class creation rules. Also: big.
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    [Class Warfare 1]

    Woooah this is amazing. Nice work.

    I could see this being really helpful for a bigger group or troupe play, less likely to have same-y characters.
  • [Class Warfare 2]

    On Lulu it says that it's under a "Standard Copyright License." Is that the case?
  • We're not posting enough stuff! Here's something that immediately made me think "I want to do this in an RPG": a gallery of '50s-'60s men's-magazine illustrations by Mort Kunstler:

    (I remember a thread from a few years ago of inspirational art. That was one of the greatest threads ever… maybe we should restart it.)


  • [Class Warfare 2]

    On Lulu it says that it's under a "Standard Copyright License." Is that the case?
    Sorry, I missed this question when you posted it. Lulu's drop-down menu for license is crap, so I always select standard, even when that's not the case. The text of Class Warfare is cc-by-sa 4.0.
  • Oh Hey, our Night Witches Kickstarter is live:
    Do you plan of Kickstarter-ing The Warren?

  • Evil Hat's unstoppable Patreon project just released The Æther Sea, another Fate Core setting. I've been excited about this one … I have a congenital weakness for anything involving floating islands and sailing airships. I've only just started reading git; the history is that a standard elfy-dwarfy fantasy world got turned to cinders by magic, and the people figured out how to take to the skies and explore other planets. The writing has an incongruous folksy tone which makes me wonder if they're explicitly aiming for a Firefly vibe.
  • [October thread 3 and out...]

    Stuff to Watch -- November
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