Moonmen from Mars: A Protocol at OrcCon

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I don't write a lot of funny games. Most of them are human-interest dramas hidden inside bigger plots.

Moonmen from Mars is not one of these game.

Based on bad 1950s/1960s scifi dramas, the players take on the roles of Earth Capital Heroes trying to save earth from the ravages of Moonmen space beams. By sending a team into outer space with a doomsday device, earth hopes to blow Mars up and win the war with the Moonmen, decidedly. In our game, we had a grunt, a technician, a busty heroine (in the style of flying girl nose art), a German ubermench, the technician older brother who always saved the day but played second-fiddle to the rocketman (played by Mike), and my character, the rocketman earth capital hero who always takes the credit for others' successes. Jim Sandoval played the technician who clearly was a Jimmy Olsen homage, with the cracking voice and belief in the rocketman that he would always save the day.

There was a lot of era-specific sexism, where the rocketman would kiss Betty whenever she was hysterical. And there was even a Tijuana version of the movie that was identical in everyway to ours except for one particularly racey cleavage shot.

We laughed a lot at the game, which is supposed to happen.

We played so many games that weekend, I can't recall all the details. But in the end, the rocketman died saving earth, only to have Mike's character build a monument in his honor when they got back home.
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