The Carcass: At OrcCon

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I was down at OrcCon during Labor Day weekend. I had the pleasure of gaming with some old friends I hadn't seen in a while. We played about 20 sessions of Protocol and 5 sessions of The Carcass (my latest game). For those who don't know, the Carcass is a game of authority and community in a post-apocalyptic world. Despite the description, it plays nothing like AW or Durance.

Among the sessions was a 7-player game that I am surprised played as well as it did.

The most memorable session may be the final game, which played in about 90 minutes (because we were racing for time to exit the convention). We truncated much of the game and played the most important elements in a scene. The first action of any character was to grab authority and take command of the tribe.

Background: We were running out of water and the tribe had nihilistic laws about individual rights. The core 10 PCs and NPCs all framed the inner circle of the tribe.

Tom was playing a True Astrologer (soothsayer) and Eugene was the Snake Charmer (a self-appointed councilor). I was the Hatchet (a murderer for the tribe) and John was the tribe Ferrous (an electrician of sorts). Early on, John commits a crime against an NPC. A heinous crime that deserves to be punished. But being the Hatchet, I cannot punish him without the leader's say-so. But our new leader couldn't make up his mind, since John was so important to the tribe. And so the tension of the 12-scene game surrounded the topic of what to do with John and who deserved to actually rule.

In hindsight, so much happened in the game that can't be explained without context that I probably need to record one of these instead of writing it up.
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